SG/UHC Stats Live Again

Feel that this announcement post is needed since it has been so long. The SG/UHC stats are now live again (it will take a full 24 hours from this post to propagate to all of the servers). Stats were disabled because of database issues when we transferred data centers. Because of these issues and ongoing issues I realized with some of the original design decisions I had to pretty much re-write the entire stats plugin. This entailed the following:

Java lines of code added: 1277
Java lines of code deleted: 828
Python lines of code added: 451
Python lines of code deleted: 246

These are git statistics. So effectively there were probably about 1700 lines of code between the website, conversion scripts, and the plugin rework changed. This was a major pain in the ass and took way longer than I expected since I was converting our database system completely around. Thankfully it is done now because we need this for SkyWars as well.

A note to the UHC players who are bitching and complaining about UHC Stats on twitter:

1. No one is forcing you to ta…

Looking for a Graphics Designer

Looking for someone to join the Badlion team that would help us with upcoming graphics design. We preferably need someone who actually can do full photoshop/illustrator/custom designs and not someone that can do basic photoshopping with cutting and pasting.

We are currently looking for someone to make us some of the following things:

- Images for upcoming releases on the network for advertising
- Newsletter images showing upcoming releases on the network via email
- Images for the store icons of the things we sell such as Donator, Donator+, Lion, etc
- Various images that would be used on the website/store
- T-Shirt designs (We want someone that can draw designs for the T-Shirts we want to make)

If you are interested please send me the following information via email to mastergberry [at] badlion [dot] net

Anonymous wrote

Examples of work:
Number of hours you can help us out per week:
How long it takes on average per art piece:
Whether you will volunteer time or demand payment (If you demand payment please specify a price range):

Some example art style that I am looking for can be found on http://h…

The future of MasterGberry and Badlion

Today's announcement post is one that I thought would never happen. It's been a very stressful week for me, and I've had a lot going through my head. There is so much work that needs to be done around Badlion. It's honestly growing faster than I ever imagined it would. For the past three months @Archybot and @SmellyPenguin have both been hard at work keeping the network up and adding features. I have worked on parts of it, but not as much as I have in the past. They are both now back in school, and don't have the time they did during their summer holidays either.

I recently stated in the last announcement post that I started a new job. This is true and not true. The truth is I didn't start a new job, I started on a new team at my current job. This team does not have as much flexibility as my old team did, and as a result I am having a hard time balancing Badlion and my day job like I used to be able to. So my first intention was to try and find out if I get back onto my old team. Sadly this did not go well. My old team has no openings and will not at least for a few months if not longer. My next plan of attack was trying to figure out if there was some way I could find more time in my life to help out with Badlion. I came up with the following three remaining options:

1. Limit the growth of Badlion and keep working my day job
2. Sell Badlion
3. Quit my day job

I've been thinking about this all week. To be honest I am not nearly as happy as I was …