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The Closing of the Badlion Teamspeak - June 15th
By MasterGberry at 28 May 2017 - 01:46 AM Views (1029) | Comments (43)
Today we are announcing the discontinuation of our Teamspeak server. The teamspeak server will be closing on June 15th 2017. We have had a lot of good times in the Teamspeak on Badlion but with Discord becoming more feature packed every month we have no interest in keeping this legacy software online.

We invite all players to join the Badlion discord as we continue to improve it! We can't wait for Discord to add categories to the voice/text channels as well.

Join our Discord today!

You can now make a channel for you and your friends for free using the Badlion Bot! Simply connect to the Public General voice chat and then message the bot !createchannel. Bam you now have a temporary channel on our Discord with admin permissions to be able to whitelist your friends to join.
Dev Log #65 05/07 - 05/27
By SmellyPenguin at 27 May 2017 - 04:33 AM Views (536) | Comments (18)

Hey Badlion players!

I'd like to personally apologize for missing the past two developer logs. As a result, this developer log covers three weeks of the work we have done here at Badlion.

Badlion Client patch version 1.1 is coming out within this following week so stay tuned for that.

We achieved a big milestone last week in the first major step towards taking apart the existing mainframe. We will continue to take apart parts of the mainframe in the future up to the release of ArenaPvP Season 15 where the mainframe will become almost completely obsolete.
Read more about last week's maintenance here:

Help us test the gamemodes and give us your feedback in the community feedback thread so that we can improve gameplay.

You may report bugs regarding the Badlion Client here:

Punishments on Badlion: Let the past be the past
By MasterGberry at 23 May 2017 - 02:16 AM Views (4569) | Comments (64)
Hey guys quick update that we are changing to our website that warrants a fast announcement. We have been gathering feedback on social media over the past few weeks about how punishments are handled at Badlion. We have always believed in being transparent with the community about who has done wrong versus right and everything being public. While this is still the case it has been made very aware to us that most people don't care about stuff from over a year ago and that we should let the past be the past.

As a result from this feedback on profiles you can now only see punishments from 1 year of the unpunishment time. This goes for appeals as well. You can no longer see something on my profile for instance from back in 2014. No one cares, it's from 3 years ago.

This should encourage players to try and be more positive on the community and understand that after a period of time their past actions will not be held against them.

Just as a quick side note we are looking to heavily recruit over the next month for summer for more staff members. …
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