Massive change log for Potion PVP

We have made a lot of changes in the last couple of days. I shall list them for everyone now. Read them by clicking the arrow in the top right!

Thank you for flying badlion.

Badlion Server turns One!

Today, the public server of badlion turns one year old. The server started off as a private practice server for badlion. The original server was made just for the badlion team to practice 1v1s, teamfights, other server's gamemodes, could only support 30 people, and was paid for solely by me. Today, it has built in matchmaking, a new factions server, can support 500+ people no problems, and pays for itself. We've gone through 5 different maps that all added new and interesting things to the server...

Badlion Factions Launching January 31st!

Hey guys. Happy to announce that our beta is going to be coming to a close for the Badlion Factions and we are planning on releasing it out of beta this Friday January 31st. We will have a bunch of web pages coming out soon explaining more about the server and the events on the website within the next 24 hours. In addition we will be posting a major update to the change log showing all the tweaks we made...