Further Networking Issues with EU

Sadly the EU issues are not solved yet. They seem to have just been pushed further down the internet pipeline in their datacenter. Here is the latest email response:

OVH wrote

Hello Adam,

I have looked at the packet loss issues you had over the weekend. I already contacted the Network team and they were already working on it. It seems that adding 1 more Fiber just pushed the issue further. They are working to add more fiber(or else) to increase the overall network. I will let you know about the situation a soon as I hear from them.

Thank you for your patience and have a great day!


Apparently after a phone conversation for some reason (just our luck) this part of the data center was not properly being monitored so they did not know about the traffic issues. They are fixing the logging and installing more fibre lines where needed…I am trying to make them work on this as fast as possible.

Cyber Monday Sale! Up to 40% off

This is the largest sale we have ever done on Badlion. We like to follow Apple's philosophy of keeping the sales simple usually, but this time we are going all out.

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P.S. Still working on lag issues in the background here.

Planned Network Downtime

Hey guys. Time for us to finish moving our last servers onto our new private network setup. These servers include the MiniUHC/SG servers, the lobby servers, the website, the teamspeak, and most importantly the database.

The entire network will be coming offline on November 30th at 9 PM EST (6 PM PST). This downtime is approximated to be 12 hours. It takes a very long time for us to re-import our database into the server…a really really long time.

During this time the website, teamspeak, and all Minecraft services will be unavailable. The result of this migration will be faster server boot times, more capacity for internal network traffic, and a more powerful database to handle our growing needs. Hopefully this is the last downtime for a while…I am sick of moving servers around.

Follow us on twitter to find out up to date information during the downtime.


3:00 AM EST - European bungees are now in the new location in Strasbourg, France. There should be no more packet loss.
3:34 AM EST - All EU servers except MiniUHC and SG are online. All NA Proxies are online. NA Arena 1 is online. Website/teamspeak…