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1v1 League - Reorganizing the Prize Pool
By MasterGberry at 24 July 2017 - 03:55 PM Views (828) | Comments (29)
Hey everyone. We had a vision for the Badlion Premium features on the Badlion Client and so far have not been able to realize that vision. We feel it is best to remove the prize pools for July and August and use them towards other tournaments/leagues instead. There has been a huge decrease in activity from the past two months on the 1v1 league which is the reasoning behind this decision. We don't want this league to just be a mad scramble at the end of the month for people to get on just to win some money. We want to promote a competitive cheat free environment with this and other Badlion Premium features. We are in the process of contacting the winners of June to finalize the payments.

We are turning to the community to get recommendations as to what you would like to see this prize money used for instead. Give us some ideas and we will try to make them a reality.
Dev Log #73 07/17 - 07/22
By SmellyPenguin at 22 July 2017 - 06:00 AM Views (540) | Comments (8)

Good day everyone!

The ArenaPvP Season 15 Beta is available for Premium users on our North American and European servers. To join, connect to either or and right click on the Diamond Sword in the inventory or on the Season 15 NPC. We have a dedicated team working on ArenaPvP Season 15 and we are doing continuous improvements and bug fixes. Once the Beta is in a more stable state, we will put out an official Premium Beta announcement.
Please report ArenaPvP Season 15 Beta bugs here:

We are doing UHC 6.0 Beta tests July 22nd and 23rd at 6 PM UTC so be sure to join and help us test all the new features and the brand new Anti-Xray system! We hope to have many players join the beta so that we can stress test our system.

Help us test the gamemodes and give us your feedback in the community feedback thread so that we can improve gameplay.

You may report bugs regarding the Badlion Client here:

[Tournament] (EU) Arena 5v5 $1000 prize pool
By Varicks at 19 July 2017 - 11:05 AM Views (3979) | Comments (85)

This tournament is the second in a series of tournaments. If you would like information, click here..
It's time to determine who's the best.

Important links:
Roster spreadsheet:
Sign-up page:

Three kits will be played in bo3s, BuildUHC, Nodebuff, and Archer. (In a random order)
Each participating team will have a total of 5 competing players. Due to the nature of the tournament, players will have to show their ability in multiple kits, along with their teamwork.

Date and Time
The tournament will occur on July 29th, 10:00 EST.
Sign-ups close 12:01 AM est, July 29th.

The tournament will be run on the EU Arena lobbies. You can access this server simply by joining EU Arena.
Once in the server, you will need to join a party with your team. 5 players is ess…
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