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Badlion Patch 2.3 & 2.4 - esports lobby + more
By MasterGberry at 22 November 2017 - 06:30 PM Views (857) | Comments (31)

Hey folks. This is going to be a double patch note week as we never ended up releasing the patch notes for Badlion Patch 2.3 due to a miscommunication error. Most of Badlion Patch 2.3 was tweaking and fixing some bugs and Patch 2.4 brings some new features to the table.

Let's get into the changes.

esports lobby

We have a new esports lobby that has been added to Badlion. This is the first step towards some more competitive features we are working towards that should be coming out very soon. In the esports lobby you can find a new duel system for doing scrims which allows way more cus…
[Tournament] $5000 Diamond Series Invitational
By Ny_ at 22 November 2017 - 12:37 PM Views (760) | Comments (26)
We'd like to briefly thank the tournament staff for their hard work with this tournament series, the community for their enthusiasm and dedication to the gamemodes, and our build team and streamers for helping us put on polished events. It's been enjoyable watching Badlion's competitive teams and community bring exciting competition to these 5v5 competitive gamemodes over the last few months. And now, we are proud to finally announce the event that everyone has been waiting for…

Important Links

Roster Signup Thread:
Roster Spreadsheet: N/A
Tournament Discord: (Join for the most up-to-date tournament information!)

Invited Teams

The following teams will have the opportunity to compete for our $5000 prize pool:

From our CTF tournament:From our CTF tournament:[…
Badlion Client 1.2.3 Update
By MasterGberry at 22 November 2017 - 10:00 AM Views (563) | Comments (19)

Hey folks. We are back today to share some important bug fixes and internal tweaks to how the Badlion Client works as we prepare for a larger update with the client. The Badlion Client 1.2.3 update is a big step forward for us to do a better job at keeping cheaters out, and is WAY faster for you. These anticheat changes will require a reboot when upgrading to the new client. When you upgrade it will prompt you to restart your machine and you will not be able to join a BAC enabled server until you have rebooted it.

We plan on releasing a big update before the end of the year. Keep your ears peeled for an opportunity to test out the client before we release the next major update.

  • Stronger and more secure Anticheat
  • Anticheat uninstaller bundled if you choose to uninstall the Badlion Client from your system :(
  • Performance optimizations when joining a BAC enabled server
  • Upgraded the core software we are using for the Client GUI which was out of date by about …
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