Entire Website is now Local Time Zone

This has been a long time todo…and for some reason recently I have been super anxious in trying to clean up and optimize the website.

Anyways the entire website is now in local time zones. Things might be a bit screwy while things convert over. Please let me know if something is broken in this thread and if you can't post here than email support [at] badlion [dot] net and please provide your IP address so we can look up what is wrong.

Also if your time zone can't be figured out by default it uses the EST time zone (New York City).

Thanks and enjoy!

Clarity of the rules on the ArenaPvP Servers

Need to write up a quick clarity post about the rules for the network and more specifically the ArenaPvP servers. Some mods have said one thing, others have said another.

I am stating here publically for everyone to see that the rules are followed as if they were lawyer text. There is no where in the rules where it states the rules are exempt in a party or a duel, in a SG match with friends, etc.

For instance:

Badlion Rules wrote

Camping inside/ontop of skybases in ladders that allow building will result in a 3 day ban for first offense. Higher offenses will result in global ELO wipes and extended bans. This includes events that utilize ladders that allow you to build.

We don't care if you all agree that you can skybase. The plugin on the server specifically attempts to stop you and gives you a warning that if you continue to do so you face a three day ban. We don't care if you have a 10v10 going and say it is ok. The rules do not state anywhere that you can agree to break the rules with each …

New Appeal System

We have finally released our long awaited appeal system. Yayyyyyyy. This is a huge stress relief off the staff team, who were becoming overwhelmed by the amount of appeals.

In every appeal you have one of two options, admit guilty or not. If you deny the guilt and can prove you are innocent, we will unban you and have the punishment removed from your record. If you are guilty depending on the reason you might automatically have an unban date set, or if not someone will attend to your appeal as normally.

If you are not satisfied with your appeal response than you may escalate it, but be warned. If you escalate the appeal you risk having a longer unban time if you are still found to be guitly.