Badlion Client 2.1.2 - Insider, Bug Fixes, & More
Von MasterGberry am 24 Juli 2018 - 12:30 Views (6131) | Comments (49)

Hey Badlion Client Users!

I am back today with another large update to the Badlion Client. We have been hard at work for the past few weeks to continue to polish and improve the Badlion Client. Today's update contains more bug fixes (2.1.1 already had a lot), a brand new rank for the Badlion Client to show your support and love for our development team, along with some awesome new features. Check out the full notes below

Insider Rank

Today we have just launched quietly this morning our store the new Insider Rank ( The Insider rank is the only rank that will be available on the Badlion Client which helps to enhance your experience on the Badlion Client.

Included in the new Insider Rank is:

  • Early Access - Enjoy new features for the Badlion Client before they ar…
  • Badlion Client 2.1 - Tons of New Features!
    Von MasterGberry am 27 Juni 2018 - 05:28 Views (13923) | Comments (83)

    Hey Badlion Client Users!

    I am super excited to share our largest update to the Badlion Client since Badlion Client 2.0 began closed beta back in February. Many of you have seen on Twitter we have been working very hard on some new features which we believe the community is going to love, but even these sneak peaks have been incomplete. If you are new to Badlion Client and want to learn more check out

    Let’s dive straight into what Badlion Client 2.1 is.

    The first thing you will see when launching the Badlion Client the next time is a brand new main menu in Minecraft!

    We have been hard at work at improving the Minecraft interfaces since the beginning of Badlion Cli…
    BAC League Winners
    Von ginie1 am 11 Juni 2018 - 09:34 Views (3233) | Comments (6)
    Well played to everyone that participated into our last tournaments!

    Congratz to the Winners of the BAC League.

    No Debuff

    Zeynah Placed 1st - $125

    Applepanda642 Placed 2nd - $50

    Gurvann Placed 3rd - $25

    Build UHC

    AtReaLity Placed 1st - $125

    raulderp7 Placed 2nd - $50

    PrestigeNinja Placed 3rd - $25

    To receive your prizes, please contact me (ginie1) on discord or the forums PM if you can't find my discord.

    Soziale Netzwerke