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Dev Log #60 03/19 - 03/25
By SmellyPenguin at 25 March 2017 - 03:20 AM Views (501) | Comments (10)

Happy Spring Everyone!

There is a tournament for UHC Meetup today on 03/25/2017. Live tournament stats are on the website and can be accessed through the Stats dropdown from the top bar. To participate, simply play UHC Meetup during the tournament times! More information here:

The 32-bit version of Badlion Premium is not completely ready, but it is undergoing final testing. We are also taking this time to squeeze in more awesome features into the Badlion Minecraft Client that you guys have requested. Version 0.9.6 will be a huge patch that will include features such as Premium UHCs, reworked Arena 1v1 system with multiple kits per season, numerous Badlion Minecraft Client improvements, 32-bit support, and much more!

Past Badlion Premium Updates:
Version 0.9.6 - COMING NEXT WEEK
Version 0.9.5 -
Version 0.9.4 -
Version 0.9.3 -
Version 0.9.2 -

Lifetime donators have been given the Premium rank which will allow them to play PUG and ArenaPvP 1v1 on the Badlion Client. If you are not a Premium user then you can still play with the Badlion Client on Badlion Open and other servers. The Premium rank is currently …
CTW Open Beta | Future $1000 Tournament | Rule Updates
By Archybot at 21 March 2017 - 03:09 AM Views (3227) | Comments (53)

Capture the Wool, or CTW for short, beta is now live across all regions. CTW is a gamemode where two teams (32v32) fight out by building, PvPing, and crafting to be the first team to capture the enemy's wools. This gamemode originates from the now closed down OCN/PGM servers.

How to play:

Wool rooms on the enemy side contain the wools you need to capture inside of chests, alongside other goodies to help you make it back to your side. The enemy team cannot enter the wool rooms on their side so you are safe from being chased inside. Wool rooms look something like this:

Another example:

The goal is to take the wool you find to the "victory monuments" and place them inside to win. The first team to place all the wools is the wi…
UHCM Mini-tournament
By Varicks at 20 March 2017 - 07:51 PM Views (2651) | Comments (46)
Next in our series of tournaments is a UHCM tournament. UHC was one of the most demanded tournaments, and thanks to the release of UHCM, the idea has become even more appealing.

Leaderboard link


This tournament will consist of numerous UHCM matches, and as the tournament elapses, players' scores will be recorded on a separate leaderboard. Distribution of how points work will be revealed prior to the tournament.
Like the previous tournament, this tournament will not be restricted to any player amount.

+10 Match Win
+2 Kill
+2 Damage Bonus
-5 Death

Date and Time

The tournament will occur on Saturday, March 25th, between 11:00 AM EST and 5:00 PM EST.
No sign-ups will be required.
Current time in EST:

We will be utilizing the current UHCM servers for the tournament. The tournament will include all regions, NA, EU, SA and AU. During the tournament's allotted time, we will be recording points to determine the leader.
To compete, you must simply just join and play in UHCMs during the tournament.

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