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Badlion Client 1.1.5
Od strane MasterGberry na 14 Kolovoz 2017 - 01:00 Views (1013) | Comments (19)

Hey everyone. We got another nice bug fix patch here for the Badlion Client along with some internal changes that pave the way to the 1.2 patch. The Badlion Client is getting better with every patch and we encourage you to keep up to date with it so you can discover the new features each patch :)

You can download this update by restarting your client or downloading it for free at


Minecraft Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Betterframes has been given some new config options and some overall automatic improvements to boost your FPS!
  • Fixed Minecraft client arrow counter not being able to be turned off
  • Fixed a Minecraft client crash related to particles
  • Fixed random crashing w…
  • Badlion 2.0 - Smoother PvP
    Od strane MasterGberry na 14 Kolovoz 2017 - 10:37 Views (2153) | Comments (54)
    Version en Español | Deutsche Version | Türkçe Versiyonu

    Hey folks. Today I am happy to share some awesome changes coming to Badlion Open that are going to make everyone in the community happy. We are buffing the Minecraft PvP on Badlion closer to the Badlion Premium specification of 128 TPS.

    What does this mean?

    We have decided to take some of the things we learned while building Badlion Premium and bring them to Badlion Open for free use of all players. Players will notice that certain entities have a smoother movement now than they did before. With these changes also comes a smoother form of knockback. Please note that test knockback values are live on ArenaPvP Season 15 Beta and this is where you should be looking to give your input on knockback (vote on the unranked kits).

    The Badlion Premium gameplay videos were really glitchy, are we going to hate these changes…
    Badlion 2.0 - Judgement Day 10
    Od strane MasterGberry na 10 Kolovoz 2017 - 11:00 Views (9980) | Comments (125)

    Info for Judgement Day

    Location: NA UHC 1

    Date: August 11th 2017

    Time: 9 AM PST/12 PM EST/6 PM CEST


    Future of GCheat and BAC

    It's no secret here at Badlion. We hate cheaters. We believe in Minecraft as an esport. Minecraft as an esport can never exist if anticheat is not taken with enough seriousness.

    GCheat is the most powerful server side anticheat in the world. BAC (Badlion Anticheat found free on the Badlion Client) is the most powerful Minecraft client anticheat in the world. Both of these softwares are the intellectual property of Badlion.

    Badlion has always been the center of the leading tech for anticheat in Minecraft. Although since we have been heavily developing the next level of anticheat tech for Minecraft, BAC, GCheat has gotten a lack of updates. Today we are cor…
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