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Champions of the 1v1 Bow event
Od strane Listen na 13 Siječanj 2018 - 03:39 Views (1334) | Comments (43)
Main Tournament Post Link:

Congratulations to the champion of the 1v1 EU Bow Tournament, They win a Champion Tag & Permanent Lion Plus (Lion+).

2nd Place. They win 6 months of Lion Plus.

3rd Place. They win 3 months of Plus.

4th Place. They win 1 month of Plus.

You can find the full bracket here:
Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone who played!
Making Badlion Welcoming and Fun For All - New Admins
Od strane MasterGberry na 11 Siječanj 2018 - 12:00 Views (5863) | Comments (109)
Today I am excited to share some really unique news for Badlion history with some more admins joining our team. We have done a lot of thinking in the past month or so and want to make sure that all of the team's hard work is being used most effectively to make Badlion the best Minecraft experience possible for all users. Even though we have made a lot of significant progress on Badlion and Minecraft esports overall, we think we can do even better still.

With this in mind we found some people that we thought could help us improve Badlion even more. Without further ado I present to you three new admins who are going to be helping us to bring awesome and exciting new content to Badlion, help us to do a better job at working with influencers in the community, and offering better and more enticing products for you to help support our server with!

@Mentally - Gamemode Design & Events
@SuchSpeed - Influencer Relations & Events
@Mistazel - Marketing

I believe that these three individuals along wi…
New minigame seasons.
Od strane Archybot na 08 Siječanj 2018 - 07:20 Views (982) | Comments (30)
Hello Badlion players! There isn't much to say other than we have started a new season in all minigames. We have slowly been tweaking FFA ELO over the last couple of months, and we now believe we have it where we want it. We had a bad rating push that messed up all ratings, and after we fixed that we decided it was best just to start new seasons everywhere.

All stats + ratings have been reset in all gamemodes other than UHC and Arena. Get to grinding!

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