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Summer Tournament Season
Door Varicks op 23 juni 2017 - 06:32 Views (293) | Comments (15)
We here at Badlion seek to promote competitive play between players, and we felt that we weren't hosting enough tournaments to foster that sentiment in our community. If we want competitive players, we must ensure the means for them to be competitive.

We wanted to accommodate the many different sub-communities within the Badlion community, and therefore tried to be as diverse with the kits as possible, within reason.

Today, we are announcing a series of six tournaments that will be occurring throughout the next three months.
These tournaments will have two week gaps between each other, allowing time for practice and crafting a roster.

The tournament dates are displayed below:

Graphic (Contains prizes, dates, tournament type, team sizes)

For the 5v5 tournaments, the Badlion Client (BLC) is required.
The Badlion Client will detect any cheaters in the tournament and we will appropriately punish them. It will effectively ensure fair gameplay for all pa…
Badlion Client 1.1.2 Update
Door MasterGberry op 21 juni 2017 - 08:13 Views (668) | Comments (20)

Hey everyone. Getting some bugs fixed up and tweaking some of the matchmaking for the new 1v1 league announce recently. If you are not aware there is a $4500 prize pool available for the months of June, July, and August on the 1v1 League on the Badlion Client. The Badlion Client is free to download but this specific 1v1 league is a Badlion Premium feature. You can buy a Badlion Premium rank here:

You can download this update by restarting your client or downloading it for free at

We also just hit 100,000 downloads this week. Thanks everyone for helping us get this far and we can't wait to keep making the client and Minecraft overall better and better!

No new features this patch. You can read about the 1v1 League here:

Dev Log #68 06/11 - 06/17
Door SmellyPenguin op 17 juni 2017 - 05:16 Views (1141) | Comments (16)

Hello everyone!

As stated in last weeks developer log, Arena PvP Season 15 is in closed testing right now. We are doing gameplay and bug testing with testers so that when we release the beta to Premium members and then eventually everyone, it will be as bug-free as possible. As noted before, we won't be announcing when the later beta stages open up so that more players can join Arena PvP Season 15 beta and test it, so make sure to keep an eye out for it!

Help us test the gamemodes and give us your feedback in the community feedback thread so that we can improve gameplay.

You may report bugs regarding the Badlion Client here:

- Badlion Client 1.1

- Party support duo queues for PUGs in Badlion Premium
- Betterframes i…
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