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Star Wars Spoilers
Door MasterGberry op 12 december 2017 - 02:54 Views (1797) | Comments (51)
In case the community is not aware, we are huge Star Wars fans here at Badlion. Both @Archybot and myself have been huge Star Wars fans since we were kids.

We are enacting an old rule that has not been in effect since 2015 when the first new Star Wars Movie in the Sequel Trilogy was released.

Any and all spoilers (whether real or not) related to the Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi will result in a 1 week mute

Anything related to this movie will result in a 1 week mute. Don't be a smart ass, you will be muted. Be nice to others and let the community just enjoy the movie when they get time to see it.

We will remove this rule at the start of 2018 when most people have had time to see the movie.

Link to 2015 post:
Champions of the Diamond Series (CTW, CTF, DOM)
Door Varicks op 04 december 2017 - 03:28 Views (1811) | Comments (32)
After several months, we have finally concluded the Badlion Diamond series, with an exciting outcome, as well as an unexpected one. The final prize pool for the invitational (the final tournament) was $5000, divided by three teams.

The champions are Aura, who came in 1st place. Their team won $3500!

Badlion Holiday Special - Advent Calendar & More
Door MasterGberry op 01 december 2017 - 01:50 Views (2378) | Comments (42)

Hey guys! The first Holiday Update is here! We are excited to share that our first holiday update for the season is an advent calendar and bundled with new Holiday Cases & Cosmetics.

Holiday Cosmetics

Tis the Season. We are happy to share that we have added some new cosmetics to Badlion today that are holiday themed. Candy canes, presents, Christmas trees and more! You can unlock all of these holiday cosmetics for free by unlocking Holiday Cases during the month of December. Alternatively you can buy Holiday Cases on our store here:

The new Nyan Suit for instance as an example :D

Holiday Cases

As mentioned above we are going to be giving out Holiday Cases during the month of December instead of regular cases. There are still different tiers Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary cases.

Holiday Cases have a guaranteed holiday cosmetic inside of them, so hurry up and start earning them now to unlock all of the limited time Holiday Cosmetics.

Delivery Man

Every day you log into Badlion (Up until 11:59 PM PST) yo…
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