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Badlion 2.0 - UHC Run Beta
De MasterGberry la 21 august 2017 - 03:00 Views (1389) | Comments (30)

Welcome everyone to UHC Run on Badlion Network! We have taken the awesome UHC Run gamemode originally created by SamaGames and then made popular by Epicube and brought it to Badlion and 1.7 Minecraft!

This has been a work in progress for a few months now on Badlion in the background. We have worked with some of our old partners to help put together a good blend of fun and competitiveness for UHC Run.

Reminder that this is a beta, and we will be adjusting things based on feedback over the next couple of weeks. There might be some bugs here and there too. Be patient with us as always and we will make the patience pay off.

What is UHC Run?

UHC Run is a sped up version of UHC. By default the following gamemodes are enabled:

- Cutclean (Don't need to smelt ores and gravel always drops flint)
- Double Ores (Double ores…need I say more?)
- Tree Feller (Trees inst…
NA IronSoup 1v1 - August 19th - Review
De Ny_ la 19 august 2017 - 04:31 Views (1748) | Comments (71)
Congrats to JOYFUL for winning the IronSoup tournament today! He went an impressive 8-0, winning every one of his series in the 127-man double elimination bracket. Overall the tournament went very smoothly, thanks to - in addition to the usual hard work and dedication of our helpers and advisers - an awesome influx of non-tournament staff helping us out. We had a few issues early on with the roster and hit some rough patches in the top 6, but overall we ran an astonishing 300+ Soup matches over the course of 4 hours.


Hey, it's our old friend GCheat…The newly updated anticheat caught the #2 seeded player cheating today in the Ro32. Thanks to the help of GCheat Admin HalfCreeper, we were able to ban off of his logs. Throughout the tournament, we received numerous reports, however we had Half analyzing the logs closely the whole time, and we can say with decent confidence that it's unlikely any of the top finishers was cheating. I'm personally glad to see GCheat catching high level cheaters again, and I hope that in future tournaments we can adopt and have similar confidence in the Badlion Client (free to use!).

Seeding and Rosters

The seeding went fine, I wasn't expecting as accurate of a seeding this time given that Soup is a less popular kit and this season's kit is pretty different from last se…
Badlion 2.0 - Premium Changes, Lion+, and Perma Ranks
De MasterGberry la 17 august 2017 - 01:00 Views (4430) | Comments (57)

Hey folks!

Today we are announcing some changes to the ranking structure on Badlion Network. We are also announcing some changes to how we are going to be handling some of our Badlion Premium features going forward as well.

Let’s dive into the changes to Badlion Premium and then focus on the rank changes which will make more sense after this.

Badlion Premium Features are coming to Badlion Open for everyone!

Badlion Premium has been our way of pushing Minecraft into a more competitive/esports environment. We feel that limiting some of these features behind a paywall is not going to help the entire Minecraft scene grow into a more competitive esport title. As a result, we are going to be slowly porting features on Badlion Premium over to Badlion Open so that all users can access them free of charge.

PUG Matchmaking

We will slowly be building a new PUG system on Badlion Open that will revolve …
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