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Dev Log #56 01/14 - 01/21
De SmellyPenguin la 22 ianuarie 2017 - 02:36 Vizualizari (1005) | Comentarii (14)
The first footage of Badlion Premium Alpha has been released which showcases a very early version of the client and launcher. Please note that what you see here did not have all the features that Badlion Premium will have and the client was running at 20 TPS while the server was running at 128 TPS. On release, both the client and the server will run at 128 TPS. We are changing the 1.8 animations back to 1.7 among other things.

The footage can be viewed here:

If you are more interested about Badlion Premium then you can watch a FAQ with Mentally and MasterGberry:

The announcement about the Badlion Premium revised timeline is out and I'm happy to say that a lot of progress regarding the project has been made since. Going off of the list in https://www.badlion.net/forum/thread/152499 , we now have a clear idea about what we are doing for the ratings system, #3 and #4 are done, #5 is on the final stages of testing, #7 is done, and #9 is being actively worked on as we improve the 128…
Badlion Premium: FAQ with Mentally
De MasterGberry la 21 ianuarie 2017 - 09:41 Vizualizari (2196) | Comentarii (44)

Thanks to @Mentally for doing this FAQ with me. Hope this helps clear up a lot of the questions in the community about Badlion Premium and most of the choices so far with it. I want to remind people that both Badlion Open and Badlion Premium are going to receive a ton of updates throughout 2017 and further forward. Keep giving us feedback like always and we will try to make it all happen.
Badlion Premium: Revised Timeline
De MasterGberry la 16 ianuarie 2017 - 11:04 Vizualizari (10141) | Comentarii (95)
Hey guys. Badlion Premium is getting extremely close to beta and full release. We are not quite ready to release the beta today, but we are going to within the next three weeks. We are also really close to getting the new Badlion Store out so people can pre-order Badlion Premium and start using their perks on Badlion Open as soon as they order it. We will be giving out extra time to people who pre-order so that they can play during the beta without losing any of their paid time. We will still be doing the 20% launch sale up until February 20th (new full release date), so make sure to get your subscription at a lower rate while you can!

What is left

I want to be open and transparent with the community, as this has always been our way of doing things at Badlion. Below I will give you a list of exactly what needs to be finished for us to be able to go live with beta:

1. Statistics are not 100% tested yet and need a few fixes for the new Premium Stats plugin we have built.
2. Ratings have not been programmed yet, this will not take us long but we still have to do it.
3. You cannot rejoin games at the moment. This is an easy problem for us to fix but it is one we have not yet had the time to do.
4. You can join multiple games at a time. Whe…
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