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Dev Log #57 01/22- 02/24
Tarafından SmellyPenguin üzere 25 Şubat 2017 - 08:50 ÖÖ Görüntülenme (129) | Yorumlar (4)
Badlion Premium Beta has finally been released after a few unfortunate but necessary delays. Feedback on Badlion Premium is very crucial in order for us to improve and provide a better user experience. As expected, there will be bugs and we urge the community to help us by reporting these bugs to us and providing as much information as possible in these bug reports to make it easier for us to fix these issues.

You may report bugs here:

Read the announcement post here:

We have released the first patch for the Badlion Premium Beta here:

Lifetime donators have been given the Premium rank which will allow them to play PUG and ArenaPvP 1v1 on the Badlion Client. If you are not a Premium user then you can still play with the Badlion Client on Badlion Open and other servers. The Premium rank is currently unavailable for purchase until we release the new Badlion Store.

Skywars Beta will be launching later …
Premium Beta Update 1
Tarafından Archybot üzere 24 Şubat 2017 - 09:53 ÖS Görüntülenme (1935) | Yorumlar (32)
The first patch for Badlion Premium Main Client has gone out, please restart (or redownload) the client to get the new patches.

  • Added global PUG leaderboard
  • Fixed a bunch of styling issues with the recent matches page.
  • You may now log into and participate in Badlion Premium if you are website banned.
  • Fixed oversight with the installer in that if a user installed the Badlion Client to a directory and uninstalled it, the entire directory would be deleted and not the associated files of the client.
  • Fixed issue where users with spaces in their Windows username couldn't launch the MC client.
  • Fixed issue where users kept getting prompted to log into Mojang upon trying to play/queue up.
  • Client will now check if users have the correct versions of MSVC++ Redist 2015 before trying to load the client.
  • Upon failing a Minecraft JAR patch, a modal dialog will state what error happened to assist the end-user to troubleshoot. If not, there will be an error code to post on the f…
  • Badlion Premium Closed Beta!
    Tarafından MasterGberry üzere 22 Şubat 2017 - 08:20 ÖS Görüntülenme (15800) | Yorumlar (177)
    Version en Español | Deutsche Version | Version française | Versione Italiana | Nederlandse versie |日本語 バージョン

    Finally! The moment many of you have been bothering us about for months now, the Badlion Premium Closed Beta! Yayyyyyyyy

    Had to get the cheesiness done with at the start. We are proud to present and share all of the hard work done here at Badlion for the past 6-8 months that is Badlion Premium.

    Download Client and Learn More

    You can find and learn more about the client here:

    What is Closed Beta?

    Closed beta will that takes place after closed alpha (the few people we invited to try it out back in December) and before the final product is release. Only people who have a lifetime rank at the moment will be able to access…
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