Best Minecraft Village Seeds for 1.19.4

Find the best Minecraft village seeds for Minecraft version 1.19.4
Best Minecraft Village Seeds for 1.19.4Article posted on May 5, 2023 - 05:00 PM
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Out of all the structures in Minecraft, villages are perhaps the most useful for Minecraft survival. For this reason, Minecraft village seeds are some of the most popular and sought out seeds for Minecraft. With beds, crops, and other resources, consider using one of the following Minecraft village seeds for your next Minecraft world.

Table of Contents

  1. Minecraft Snow Village Seed: -76543213266543
  2. Minecraft Desert Village and Desert Temple Seed: 115658754678
  3. Huge Village Minecraft Seed: 3533457754764
  4. Beautiful Minecraft Village Seed: 143256436
  5. Small Minecraft Village Seed: 753682233311342
  6. Minecraft Village with Woodland Mansion Seed: 8
  7. Minecraft Desert Village Seed: -5224523442535
  8. Minecraft Desert Temple Seed: -23333245643

Mountain Minecraft Village Seed: -76543213266543

A Minecraft Village on the side of a mountain
Seed -76543213266543 is a great Minecraft village seed. After spawning, you will be next to a Frozen Peaks biome. Travel a few hundred blocks west, and you will find a quiet village clinging to the side of a Snowy Mountain.

Sure, having near vertical village pathways on a mountain's side is impractical. However, it does provide a unique land generation for you to build upon in a Snowy Biome.

In addition, you will find a Pillager Outpost north of spawn (X: 32 Z: -176) and an Igloo with a basement southeast of spawn (X: 152 Z: 168).

If you want a more practical Minecraft village, you can find three alternative villages nearby (X: 352 Z: 96, X: 320 Z: -224, and X: -256 Z: -272).

Minecraft Desert Village and Desert Temple Seed: 115658754678

A Minecraft Desert Village next to a Desert Temple
If you are looking for a good Minecraft Desert seed, look no further! Using seed 115658754678, walk north of spawn about 300 blocks, and you will come across this remote Minecraft village in a Desert Biome.

Next to the village, you will find a unique-looking Minecraft Badlands Biome that hosts multiple towering spires. Still not impressed? On the north side of the village is a Minecraft Desert Temple, meaning you can find loot easily.

Even further north, you will find a Ruined Portal (X: 136 Z: -504). In addition to the Desert Temple near the village, this Minecraft seed offers two more Desert Temples (X: 744 Z: -184, and X: -424 Z: -920).

Huge Village Minecraft Seed: 3533457754764

A double Minecraft Village next to a massive ruined portal
Minecraft seed 3533457754764 is one of the best village seeds for Minecraft survival. First, this Minecraft seed provides a huge double Minecraft plains village separated by a small lake. With an island in the middle, this spot is the perfect landscape for a survival base. Even better, a massive Ruined Portal between the two villages provides loot and obsidian for a Nether Portal.

Nearby, you can find a Minecraft Igloo with a basement (X: 104 Z: 552) and two more villages in the same valley (X: 544 Z: 256, and X: -768 Z: 256).

Beautiful Minecraft Village Seed: 143256436

A Minecraft village on the water between a valley
With Minecraft seed 143256436, you get a modest-sized village. However, the real benefit of using this seed is the beautiful valley in which this village lies. On one side of the village, a natural land bridge connects the main village to a vast forest over a river. On the other side, you will find an expansive Plains Biome.

While this seed may not be the most impressive village seed for Minecraft on this list, there are other villages to the north (X: 240 Z: -320) and south (X: 208 Z: 704), making it a decent seed for Minecraft survival.

Small Minecraft Village Seed: 753682233311342

A small Minecraft village on the edge of a ridge
Including one of the smallest villages you will find, Minecraft village seed 753682233311342 is certainly unique. Percarusley perched on a ledge, this village only contains a few houses spread out on a large ridge. It may not be the most useful village, but it provides a cool building location.

Head west a couple of hundred blocks over the Snowy Slopes Biome to get to the village. On the way, don't forget to stop by a Ruined Portal (X: -280 Z: 8) for some extra loot.

Minecraft Village with Woodland Mansion Seed: 8

A Minecraft Taiga Village near a Woodland Mansion
Being just one number, Minecraft Seed 8 might be unassuming at first glance. However, this seed is a great Minecraft seed for villages. From spawn, head north about 200 blocks (X: 16 Z: -224), and you will come across a Minecraft Tiaga Village in a valley.

While the world generation is stunning, the significant benefit of this Minecraft seed is that located just east of the village is a massive Minecraft Woodland Mansion (X: 520 Z: 264). In addition, you will find a Ruined Portal east of the village (X: 296 Z: -312).

The Woodland Mansion is extremely rare. It's even more rare to find one near a village, near spawn. Nevertheless, seed 8 is an extraordinary Minecraft Woodland Mansion and Village seed, making it worth checking out.

Minecraft Desert Village Seed: -5224523442535

A Minecraft Desert Village with many Desert Temples
Looking for yet another Minecraft Desert Village seed? Check out Minecraft seed -5224523442535. After spawning, travel 350 blocks east of the spawn point, and you will come across a village with peculiar-looking towers. A ledge divides the village between two elevations.

Nearby, you will find multiple Minecraft Desert Temples (X: -232 Z: -216, and X: -776 Z: 296), making this village the ideal base of operations for looting. There is even a second village west of spawn, right beside a Desert Temple (X: -368 Z: -320)!

Minecraft Desert Temple Seed: -23333245643

A Minecraft Desert Temples near a Desert Village
Want even more Minecraft Desert Temples in your Minecraft world? Check out seed -23333245643, which offers several Minecraft Desert Temples near spawn. The closest Temple to spawn is just south (X: -136 Z: 88). Further north, you will find another temple (X: 120 Z: -296), and even further west, you will come across two more temples (X: -504 Z: -344, and X: -808 Z: -152).

While this seed has many Desert Temples, it also has three Minecraft Desert villages near the spawn point. The closest village is (X: 208 Z: 48), just east of spawn. However, this village does not have any Desert Temples nearby, so if you are up for a trip, head to the coordinates (X: -496 Z: -432), where you will find a Desert village right next to a Desert Temple.

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