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Everything you need to know about Hypixel's take on the SkyWars game-mode!
Hypixel's take on the Minecraft SkyWars game modeArticle posted on January 28, 2023 - 05:00 PM
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If you have ever played on Minecraft multiplayer servers, chances are that you have heard of the SkyWars game mode. This article will teach you the basics of Hypixel's take on the SkyWars game mode and showcase the end-game content that is waiting to be explored by you. Learn about all the mechanics involved in SkyWars and jump right into action!

How to play the Minecraft SkyWars minigame?

There are only a few steps between you and your first Minecraft SkyWars match! First, choose your Minecraft version in the Badlion Client Launcher, which is a Minecraft Modpack that features more than 100 Minecraft mods that enhance your Minecraft experience. It is completely free and can be downloaded from https://client.badlion.net/. We recommend using Minecraft version 1.8.9 as this version will provide you with both the best Hypixel and Minecraft PvP experience.

Now that you have chosen your Minecraft version, it is time to boot up the game, head into the Multiplayer menu, and add the Hypixel Network by pressing the "Add Server" button. The Server Address for the Hypixel Network is: "mc.hypixel.net." For the name, you can choose something that you like, as this will only appear in the Multiplayer menu and will not have any further impact.

Logging into the Badlion Client

Now you can press "Done," and you will see the Server Network in the "My Servers" section of the Multiplayer menu. All there is left for you to do is press the Server Network in your Server list and then press the "Join Server" button at the bottom of the screen. You can also simply double-click the Server that you would like to connect to. Your inventory will now be filled with some blocks and items that each have a different purpose. To play SkyWars, you will have to right-click the "Game Menu" represented by a compass in your first slot. This will open up a menu with all the different game modes for you to choose from. Then go ahead and press the enchanted Eye of Ender to connect to one of the SkyWars lobbies.

Connecting to the SkyWars Lobby

SkyWars Modes

In this game mode, you, alongside other players in your match, spawn on separate floating islands that contain chests with loot inside of them. Use the loot in the chests to equip yourself, or gather further materials on your island to craft, so that you can advance into the middle part of the map. In this part of the map, you will also find chests. However, these chests will contain stronger equipment that can give you an advantage over your enemies and win the match. The game mode features a couple of modes for you to choose from. Keep reading to find the perfect mode for you!

Minecraft SkyWars Modes


As the name already suggests, the normal mode is the basic SkyWars experience. The normal mode is playable in a team of two or alone. If you prefer fighting with lower-tier equipment, such as leather armor, gold armor, iron armor, a few diamond armor pieces, stone swords, and iron swords, then this game mode is the right one for you! The island, which you spawn on, will contain unenchanted armor. However, the middle island will also feature chests that include enchanted armor. Each of the Modes features two chest refills, the first featuring better equipment for you to fight with and the second one adding ender pearls to the loot pool.

Using coins, you can purchase kits and perks in the SkyWars shop. There are various kits for you to choose from that range from common rarity to legendary rarity. Normal kits only work in the normal SkyWars mode.

Minecraft SkyWars Normal Mode


Just like the Normal mode, this mode can be played alone or alongside one friend. It works the same way as the Normal mode does. However, the Insane mode features better equipment and the chests in the middle part of the map will more frequently contain Ender Pearls. An item that you would have to wait for when playing the Normal mode since they only appear in the second chest refill when playing the Normal mode.

Not only is the loot better, but the kits, as well as the perks, are adjusted to the improved loot pool.

Minecraft SkyWars Insane Mode


The Mega SkyWars mode is teams-based and cannot be played solo. In this game mode, 100 players split into teams of five to fight for victory. The rules are the same as the Normal, as well as the Insane SkyWars mode. The equipment is similar to the equipment that you can find when playing Insane mode. However, the enchantments are weaker. This game mode is only available on weekends and cannot be played during the week.

Kits for the Insane mode and kits for the Normal mode cannot be used for the Mega mode. The Mega mode features an individual set of kits and perks that can be purchased from the store in the SkyWars lobby.


If you ever get bored of the other modes, then this is definitely the right one for you. The Laboratory mode includes experimental game modes that rotate weekly and are all based on the original SkyWars experience but include a twist. An example would be the Lucky Blocks Mode in which you can get equipment from different lucky blocks.

Minecraft SkyWars Prototype Mode

Mythical Kits

Every single mode has its own set of kits. However, there is one exception. Mythical kits can be used in all three of the previously mentioned modes. They cannot be purchased with Coins like the other kits but have to be purchased with heads. Heads can be obtained by killing players in corrupted games. There are currently seven different Mythical Kits for you to unlock ranging from End Lord all the way to Cryomancer. Upon purchasing a Mythical kit, the price for the next mythical kit will increase.

Minecraft SkyWars Mythic Kits

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper is an NPC used for late-game progression. Clicking him will open a menu with four categories: "Angel's Descent," "Angel of Death," "Head Collection," and the "Angel's Brewery."

Grim Reaper Menu

The "Angel's Brewery" section is unlocked upon reaching the Diamond Prestige and can be used to brew potions that give you perks and bonuses for your matches if they are active. Every potion can only be used for 25 matches, and you can only have one potion enabled at the same time.

SkyWars Angel's Brewery

The "Angel's Descent" is unlocked upon reaching the Gold Prestige. It can then be used to unlock new cosmetics, buffs, and perks.

SkyWars Angel's Descent

The "Head Collection" menu, as the name already suggests, can be used to view your collection of heads that you received upon killing a player in a corrupted game.

SkyWars Head Collection

The "Angel of Death" accepts coin offerings that will increase the chance of a game becoming corrupt.

SkyWars Angel of Death

The Soul Well

The "Soul Well" is a mechanic that is used to obtain coins and kits. You can roll it by paying 10 souls and can have up to five simultaneous wheels by paying 10 souls more for each additional wheel. Having 5 slots enabled will hence cost you 50 souls.

SkyWars Soul Well

You can add more wheels or remove some wheels through the "Soul Well Settings" menu.

SkyWars Soul Well Settings

Using coins, you can hire "Soul harvesters," who will then gather souls for you. You can pay 600, 1000, or 4500 coins and will then receive souls. 600 coins will give you 5 souls, 1000 coins will give you 10 souls, and 4500 will give you 50 souls.

SkyWars Soul Harvesters

You can also purchase "Xezbeth Luck," which will bring you an extra 1, 2, or 3 souls if you win a SkyWars match based on the level. The first level will bring you an additional one, the second one additional two souls, and the third level will bring you three additional souls.

SkyWars Xezbeth Luck

The "Harvesting Season" upgrades will allow you to store more souls. The first level will allow you to store 130 souls, and the fifth and last levels will allow you to store up to 250 souls.

SkyWars Harvesting Season

The leveling system

We have previously mentioned that you will either require the Gold Prestige or the Diamond Prestige for some of the end-game content. But how exactly do you reach them? They are a part of the Hypixel SkyWars leveling system. Every five levels, you rank up to the next higher prestige. If you reach the fifth level, then you unlock the Iron Prestige, if you reach the tenth level, then you unlock the Gold Prestige, and upon reaching the 15th level, you unlock the Diamond Prestige.

5-9Iron Prestige
10-14Gold Prestige
15-19Diamond Prestige
20-24Emerald Prestige
25-29Sapphire Prestige
30-34Ruby Prestige
35-39Crystal Prestige
40-44Opal Prestige
45-49Amethyst Prestige
50-59Rainbow Prestige
60Mythic Prestige

The Quest Master

The Quest Master can be used to start daily or weekly quests, as well as challenges. These can bring you Hypixel Experience, SkyWars Souls, Tokens, as well as Loot Chests.

SkyWars Quest Master

Tokens are the currency that you can use for purchasing cosmetics. You can open the Shop either through the Emerald in your inventory or by clicking the "Shopkeeper" next to the "Soul Well". You will also be able to open your loot chests from the menu you just opened.

Hystats Minecraft mod

We also recommend you check out the Hypixel Minecraft mod that comes pre-installed with the Badlion Client and shows your current stats for the different Hypixel games. You can use it to display your SkyWars statistics and can even set it up to display the statistics of a certain Mode, rather than your overall SkyWars statistics.

Minecraft Hystats Minecraft mod

You can of course also adjust what statistics you would like the mod to display. You can let it only display your Kills and Wins, or for example, remove Shards. You can even go ahead and let it only display the statistics from the current session.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you know about all the basic mechanics, as well as all the content that is waiting for you in the end game, you can jump right into the action and start collecting Souls, complete challenges and quests, as well as collect more than 130 SkyWars achievements! Choose the Mode that you prefer the most and join your first SkyWars match!

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