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Adjust the Minecraft Crosshair to your personal preference using the Custom Chrosshair Minecraft Mod
Minecraft Custom Crosshair ModArticle posted on March 23, 2023 - 10:00 PM
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Give Minecraft a New Look With the Minecraft Crosshair Mod

Looking to change up the default Minecraft Crosshair? Then you should check out the Minecraft Crosshair mod. Besides using the Minecraft Crosshair mod, the only other way to change your Crosshair in Minecraft is by using a custom texture pack. This takes time to do and is rather complicated. The Crosshair Minecraft mod makes it possible to customize your Minecraft Crosshair easily within the game. In an instant, you can find a crosshair design you will love. In this article, we will show you how to use the Crosshair mod, along with several Crosshair designs we recommend trying out.

What is the Minecraft Crosshair

Before we begin customizing your Crosshair, you should understand what a Crossair is. In simplest terms, the Minecraft Crosshair is a mark that signifies a position on your screen which usually represents the center of your attack/place action. In other words, if a block, or mob is within your Crosshair on your screen, while you attack or right-click, you will interact with that mod or block. This means the crosshair is extremely helpful for Minecraft PvP and other tasks requiring precision.

How to install the Minecraft Crosshair Mod

The easiest way to start using the Minecraft Crosshair Mod is with a Minecraft Client. Minecraft clients are similar to mod packs. However, they automatically bundle mods into one client, often with FPS improvements. In addition, Minecraft Clients can make it incredibly easy to switch Minecraft versions since they don't require you to update any mods. We recommend trying out the Badlion Client, as it provides many features, including the Crosshair Mod, in addition to countless FPS improvements.

Start by downloading the Badlion Client here. Follow the installation prompts, then launch the Minecraft version you would like to play using the launcher:

Selecting Snapshot Version
Once Minecraft Launches, join a world or server and press right-shift. This will open the Mod Menu, which contains all the Minecraft mods you can choose from. In the top right corner, type "crosshair". You should then see the Crosshair mod appear. Toggle the blue switch located at the bottom of the mod icon to enable the mod.

Enabling the Crosshair Mod

How to use the Minecraft Crosshair Mod

After you enable the mod, you should see your crosshair change slightly in-game. This means that you have successfully enabled the mod. To start customizing your Minecraft crosshair, click on the Crosshair mod icon in the mod menu. This will open up the settings for the mod, displaying two modes: "Custom" and "Preset".

Custom and Preset Display Modes
The fastest and easiest way to get started customizing your crosshair is in the Preset mode. In this mode, you will use the General and Preset categories to customize your crosshair. The General category contains color and scale settings, while the Preset category provides numerous predefined shapes for you to select as your crosshair. Between these two categories, you can get a wide selection of crosshair designs. Here are some of our favorites which you can use as inspiration!

Crosshair Example

Another Crosshair Example

A third Crosshair Example

Fourth Crosshair Example

Do you still want more customization over your crosshair design? Check out the Custom mode, where you will be given even more options. First, you will want to select a base shape from the "Crosshair Type" dropdown menu. Once you have selected a type, you can then control parameters such as length, width, and thickness, along with colors for your Minecraft crosshair.

Crosshair Settings
Scrolling down, you should come across the Advanced category. Here you will find even more settings that will allow you to customize how your Minecraft crosshair behaves. The first settings you will want to check out are the "Highlight" settings.

Crosshair Highlight Settings
These settings, when toggled, make your Minecraft crosshair change color depending on the type of entity you are looking at. To edit the color which is displayed, depending on the entity, scroll down to the Player, Hostile, or Passive color settings. This will allow you to change the color for all three types of entities. This feature is extremely useful for Minecraft Survival or PvP situations where you only want to attack one type of entity.

Crosshair Color Change
The next setting that is worth using is the Dynamic Animations setting. Currently, you can enable Dynamic Bow Animation or Dynamic Attack Animation. When enabled, your crosshair will grow/shrink in accordance with these events. For example, if you click your mouse button to attack, your crosshair will grow, then shrink to indicate the attack cooldown.

Crosshair Animation
The final setting category you should check out is the Health color shift toggle. When enabled, this allows the Crosshair Mod to behave similarly to the Damage Tint Minecraft Mod. Essentially, whenever your health gets below a certain threshold, the color of your crosshair will change. You can set the threshold with the Health Color Shift Threshold, which allows you to set a value between 0.5 and 9.5. By default, this setting will shift your crosshair to the color red. However, you can edit this color by clicking on the color box next to the color shift toggle.

Health Color Shift
Why would you want to play Minecraft with the generic crosshair when you can have the ability to customize it? With the large number of features the Crosshair Minecraft Mod offers, it iss certainly worth trying out. Start using the Crosshair Mod and countless other helpful mods on the Badlion Client for free today!
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