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Everything you need to know about Fireworks in Minecraft
How to use Fireworks in MinecraftArticle posted on March 21, 2024 - 02:00 PM
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With Minecraft Fireworks being introduced in the Java Edition 1.4.6 update, they have been mostly used for aesthetic purposes, however they got another function in the 1.11 update which makes them one of the more useful items in the game. Players often use fireworks with the Minecraft Elytra to fly faster and cover more distance in the game.

How to make Fireworks in Minecraft?

Making basic Minecraft Fireworks without special effects is simple. You only need one piece of paper and one piece of gunpowder.

In Minecraft, Firework duration varies based on the amount of gunpowder used for crafting, with 3 different durations available. Adding up to 3 pieces of gunpowder increases the duration of the Firework. This Firework has no explosion and it will only fly straight up.

A picture showing how to craft Fireworks

Fireworks with a duration of 2 and 3 are the best for using them with the Minecraft Elytra to boost yourself while flying.

How to make a Firework Star in Minecraft?

The Firework Star Minecraft recipe is a bit more complicated than the rocket recipe. The base crafting recipe for the Minecraft Firework Star is a single piece of gunpowder and a dye of any color.

A picture showing how to craft the Firework Star

You can add up to 8 different colors to your Firework Star, but bear in mind that adding more colors takes up space for other ingredients. To make your Fireworks a bit cooler you will need to add a few additional ingredients. To make them larger and stronger you need to add a Fire Charge.

You can craft a Fire Charge with one Blaze Powder, one Coal or Charcoal, and one Gunpowder. Also, there is a 46.4% chance for Fire Charge to appear in Ruined Portal treasures. This is how to craft a Fire Charge:

A picture showing how to craft FireCharge

If you have trouble remembering Minecraft recipes, we recommend you to try out Badlion Client with the Just Enough Items mod it will show you all Minecraft crafting recipes in one place! Additionally, Badlion Client comes with over 100 already built in mods that are waiting to improve your gaming experience.

A picture showing the Badlion Mod

Adding a Fire Charge to your Minecraft Firework will make it bigger and louder, shaped like a ball. Remember, you can not stack items that change shape of your Fireworks. You can only choose one shape for each Firework Star.

  • Adding Golden Nuggets to your Firework Star will make the explosion Star Shaped.
  • If you put a Mob Head in your Firework Star, it will explode in the shape of a Creeper Head. To learn how to get Mob Heads, read one of our articles on that topic.
  • Adding a Feather to your Firework in Minecraft will add a Burst explosion effect.

Now let’s cover some additional effects:

  • Adding a piece of glowstone will add a Twinkle / Crackle effect after the explosion.
  • Adding a single diamond will add a Trail effect after the explosion.
  • Adding both glowstone and one diamond works and you will get both effects.

Watch this video to learn about Firework crafting and see demonstrations of all Shape Effects in detail.

How to use Fireworks with Elytra in Minecraft?

To fly in Minecraft, equip Elytra wings and have Fireworks in your hotbar. Double jump to glide and use a Firework to take off. While gliding, players can continue to use Fireworks to keep themselves in the air and to give themselves a boost from the rockets. Bear in mind that colliding with a surface at high speeds can be fatal.

A picture showing how to craft the Firework Star

You can use Fireworks in Minecraft in different ways. One way is to use redstone and Dispensers to create huge Firework Displays. Watch the following video for more tips on how to do this!

In Minecraft, you can shoot Fireworks with a Crossbow, but not with a regular bow. If you add Multishot to your Crossbow, you can shoot 3 Fireworks together. Be cautious, as these Fireworks can harm various creatures in your world.

If you enchant your Crossbow with Multishot you can fire up to 3 Fireworks at once, but be careful these Fireworks can damage all sorts of mobs in your world.

This marks the end of this article, we have covered everything that you need to know about Fireworks in Minecraft. We hope to see even more features added to Minecraft Fireworks in the future. In Minecraft, there are more than 2.1 trillion combinations of Firework Starts for making fireworks.
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