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jtizzlemysizzle unfair mute
Ign: jtizzlemysizzle

Accused Person: Conanto

Server: NA West UHC 1

Crime(s) Committed: Spam (Unfair Mute)


Date of Evidence(Optional But Helpful): 29 March 2016

Witnesses(Optional But Helpful): Literally anyone in that photo

I literally joined a game to watch the final 3 and when that alex kid won, i typed undeserved twice… 8 seconds apart. Other people were saying undeserved and bad in different messages. I don't understand how that is considered a mute when i literally said undeserved twice and one saying "Undeserved up the ass". Spam is usually considered a shit ton of repetitive messages but 1) thats not a shit ton… it was literally twice and 2) it wasn't even the same message twice… This mute makes no sense to me at all. But, I know a senior mod is just gonna come and reply to this post saying, "you were spamming" when i literally typed something twice… I usually understand my mutes but this one just made me and everyone in the TS laugh at how pathetic it was. Please address this and explain in detail why this is a mute… And please don't just respond with saying you repeated something twice when I clearly typed two different messages because of my disgust…

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[2016-03-29 22:54:57.058000][NAWUHC] jtizzlemysizzle: UNDESERVED UP THE ASS
[2016-03-29 22:54:52.557000][NAWUHC] jtizzlemysizzle: undeserved
[2016-03-29 22:54:37.567000][NAWUHC] jtizzlemysizzle: HE DOESNT DESERVE
[2016-03-29 22:54:32.213000][NAWUHC] jtizzlemysizzle: FUCKING CLEAN HIM
[2016-03-29 22:54:29.012000][NAWUHC] jtizzlemysizzle: JUST CLEAN HIM
[2016-03-29 22:54:25.413000][NAWUHC] jtizzlemysizzle: JUST CLEAN HIM
[2016-03-29 22:54:15.172000][NAWUHC] jtizzlemysizzle: oh the schlong

You were spamming irrelevant crap that would've gotten you muted for poor sportsmanship either way. Mute is valid.

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