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Players Online: 60.4k Support Forums Client
Multiple Mutes and Solicitation
IGN: OhhAvenger

Accused Person: MrPopHD, Codboyy, pleiton123, AdrianArmy, iTzRichy & xSirSavage

Server: naarenapvp

Crime(s) Committed: Solicitation, Filter bypass and Hackusation.

Evidence: <– MrPopHD (Bad Sportsmanship) <– Codboyy (Solicitation) <– pleiton123 (Filter Bypass) <– AdrianArmy, iTzRichy & xSirSavage (Bad Sportsmanship & Hackusation)

Date of Evidence(Optional But Helpful): 3/02/2017

Witnesses(Optional But Helpful): N/A
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Dealt with, thanks for reporting!
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