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_Link Staff Report for false ban
IGN: Bayundur

Accused Staff Member(s): _Link

Server: forum

Abuse Committed: he banned me false for 3 day.


I reported Powahfull because someone messaged me "brainless" ," you don't know any shit about pvp" and I reported the guy. Powahfull said it is not reason for mute. I mean badlion rules says to be respectful but that guy wasn't following the rules.

The report which powahfull denied :
The report, I reported Powahfull :

_Link denied the report and told me those words are minor.

So I messaged both of them "brainless".
_Link replied " move on,the decision is already made".
Powahfull replied " you are an idiot".

I reported Powahfull because disrespect.

The second report :

in the second report._Link banned me for wasting his time.

"I already denied the report the first time and you responded with something probably trying to intentionally get a reaction, then you decided to PM me with no radical message about it. I then warn you in PM's and you continue to act childish. I have issued you a 3 day ban for wasting my time, this is denied."

"I already denied the report first time…. 3 day ban for wasting my time…"

The report he denied first : I reported Powahfull because I think he made wrong decisssion. Because Rule says to be respectfull and someone disrespect me and some mod doesn't mute him. IT IS ON THE RULES. Then why do we have rules if we won't follow.
The second report : I reported Powahfull because disrespect. ( Yeah I know I messaged him brainless ( because brainless is not something disrespectfull right? I was trying to be respectfull like rules says)

Result :

My first report about "not following rules", my second report about "disrespect". _Link told me "already denied first time". He doesn't even know why I reported second time or He can't even understand difference between those two report. And He banned me because I reported same person and wasted his time.

Date of Evidence:
PM Link
Also "brainless" is minor,for who?
I thought if there is community rules then the rules should be apply objective.
You know badlion has rules. And so much different cultures in here.
Disrespect is disrespect and there is rule.

Also I reported someone twice and got denied but those senior staff didn't give me "wasting my time ban".
Also where that rule which it is " You can ban player if he report same person twice."
I got ban 3 days for nothing.
PM Link
Tagging @Irish_99 sice Powahfull's Manager is _Link but he's reported too.
PM Link
The report has been denied.
This is truly wasting all of our times.

Since you've been warned to stop with your comments multiple times by Link_ and continued to cause "drama" you can enjoy your forum ban.
PM Link