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Players Online: 54.9k Support Forums Client
Ign: DemSkills

Accused Person: EDOY

Server: Eu arena PvP

Crime(s) Committed: Kill aura, Anti-Knockback

Evidence: So I have 3 pieces of evidence from three different people, First one- This one is from Sharpify

at around 0:25 he toggles pretty hard and throughout the video he gets really fishy hits. Second one- In s14 EDOY played under the IGN - Sokoya

(He cheats through the entire video). My third piece is Myself recording him on arena- (He toggles mostly against high rated players). I can put timestamps if needed.

Date of Evidence(Optional But Helpful): Sharpify's video was uploaded on 24 sept (2017),ItsMedium's video was uploaded on 5 july (2017) and Mine was uploaded today (25 sept 2017)

Witnesses(Optional But Helpful): None expect myself but I do have screenshots of multiple people saying he toggles.

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Accepted. Thank you for the report!
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