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[Staff Members] Cheekyff and Koknia
Well basically Koknia muted my friend @Zulron for spamming and this is the "evidence" of him spamming (which btw isnt spamming look at timestamps).
[2017-11-12 00:53:00.581000][NAARENALOBBYS15495] Zulron: RANKED ARCHER
[2017-11-12 00:52:00.755000][NAARENALOBBYS15541] Zulron: RANKED ARCHER
[2017-11-12 00:51:57.407000][NAARENALOBBYS15541] Zulron: RANKED ARHCER
[2017-11-12 00:51:20.611000][NAARENALOBBYS15541] Zulron: RANKED ARCHER
[2017-11-12 00:50:56.904000][NAARENALOBBYS15541] Zulron: RANKED ARCHER
[2017-11-12 00:50:44.206000][NAARENALOBBYS15541] Zulron: RANKED ARCHER

Those timestamps are given by cheekyff (koknia's manager) in the thread up top.

I would like to report both staff members for the following reasons, falsely muting Zulron and denying Zulron's thread of him saying how he wasnt spamming. Basically the back story is from the thread from up top - please read that thread before this one.

Here are 2 quotes from someone who wants to stay anonymous:
"the rule is 3 times within 30 seconds"
"you're right, it's not spamming"

Now according to that staff member, Zulron didnt break any rules so I would like to escalate this to Cheekyff's manager (if he has one, idk how it works with managers) so that this manager can state his/her opinion on this matter for both staff members - Koknia and Cheekyff. Also, Koknia has also broken another rule earlier that day for /ignore me, thread found here - At last, about the thread which Zulron has made, instead of cheekyff to talk to Koknia or whatever managers do to staff who break rules he comments on zulron's toxicity which has nothing to do with the thread which I find unprofessional in my opinion. Anyway, in conclusion if a staff member (probably admin) can handle this instead of cheekyff since I am reporting him and koknia that would be appreciative.
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FUCK can a staff member edit the title to "[Staff Members] Cheekyff and Koknia" por favor

gracias senor/senorita
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@Irish_99 - This is a report on Cheekyff.
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ty iron ily bb
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[2017-11-12 03:34:24.843000][NAARENAPVPS15150]Zulron: nope fucking faggot
[2017-11-12 03:34:17.354000][NAARENAPVPS15150]Zulron: nigga die

[2017-11-12 03:28:33.371000][NAARENAPVPS15536]Zulron: KYS
[2017-11-12 03:26:51.873000][NAARENAPVPS15902]Zulron: L
[2017-11-12 03:25:50.776000][NAARENAPVPS15403]Zulron: kys
[2017-11-12 03:25:15.077000][NAARENAPVPS15403]Zulron: dont ch3at im recording
[2017-11-12 03:24:24.230000][NAARENAPVPS15784]Zulron: dont ch3at im recording

[2017-11-12 02:48:59.692000][NAARENALOBBYS15994]Zulron: RANKED DIAMOND
[2017-11-12 02:48:49.493000][NAARENALOBBYS15994]Zulron: RANKED DIAMOND
[2017-11-12 02:48:19.893000][NAARENALOBBYS15994]Zulron: RANKED DIAMOND

Honestly your friend can be happy that I don't ban him rn for all the immature/rude stuff he says in chat.
This report is denied and the mute is therefore remaining valid!
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The thing is, you are missing my point. He isn't spamming. Toxicity is another story and is already muted for saying so, I am reporting cheekyff and Koknia for false muting him for "spam"…
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