[Tournament] SG 5v5 - EU
UPDATES - 1/6/18

Important Links
Challonge/Bracket: Stage 1 - | Stage 2 -
Roster spreadsheet:

Veto System
1. Smaller-Number Seed vetoes a map
2. Larger-Number Seed vetoes a map
3. Leftover map is played
1. Smaller-Number Seed chooses map #1
2. Larger-Number Seed chooses map #2
3. Leftover is map #3

Round information

The tournament will consist of 2 stages, both played on Saturday.

Stage one will use the Swiss-System. This system continuously pairs up teams who have similar records in prior rounds, and will be good for producing an accurate top 16. All rounds will be Best of 1.

Stage two will be a Single Elimination bracket stage. The top 16 teams from the first stage will advance. All rounds will be Best of 3.

This is all on the Challonge, these descriptions are only for those of you who are interested in the methodology.

Ties in the Challonge will be broken as follows to determine the top 16:
1. Median-Buchholz - Essentially strength of opponents. This is a sum of all of a team's opponents' scores, with the best and worst discarded.
2. Tiebreaker Points - Number of match wins vs tied opponents.
3. Original Seeding
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Badlion is a very nice PvP Server. [Hopefully this server will survive 100 years]
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