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Top 5 Clips of the Week Rules- Read before submitting
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In order to submit clips, all you need to do is create a thread in this sub-category, copy-paste the format listed below, and then fill out the format. Your submissions cannot be viewed by other players.

All videos will be posted on the official Badlion YouTube channel. Winners will have their YouTube channels posted in the description.

If you are a winner in any Top 5 video, you will be messaged on the forums about your prize.


-This sub-category is for submissions only, do not post anything else
-You cannot leave required information out
-Clips MUST be less than 2 minutes (if there is a longer video there must be timestamps)
-You can edit clips, but only by cutting out audio and/or parts of the video to make it shorter
-All clips must have been recorded on Badlion
-The video must be recorded in at least 720p 30FPS
-There cannot be any inappropriate images in the clip
-You cannot submit clips on behalf of others, you must be the person who recorded the clip
-All YouTube videos linked must be, and remain, unlisted or public
-Clips must be no older than 2 months

Failure to follow these rules will result in instant denial, and potentially a forum ban


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Timestamps (if necessary):

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