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Youtuber Report
Hola vengo a reportar a un jugador con rango Youtuber sin ser de el, el YT

Este usuario le compro la cuenta al youtuber con 5k de subs "DolcheBanana" y le cambio el nick y todo

Su ign en este momento es "LolItsLxuti"

Yo creo que le tienen que sacar el rango yt y sacarle la whitelist en el Bl client 2.0 me parece injusto tenerlo solo por pagar una cuenta y no tener esa cantidad de subs

Pueden hacerle ipcheck para que vean que tampoco es el :)


Aca ven como se cambio el ign de DolcheBanana a LolItsLxuti

Espero que hagan algo al respecto y saludos!

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Por favor no intentes taggear al staff y se paciente
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pending translation
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Hi there,

I've come to report a player whose Youtube channel doesn't belong to him.

This user bought the account from a Youtuber that has 5k subscribers known as "DolcheBanana". He even changed the username and everything.

His IGN at this moment is "LolItsLxuti".

I think that you should remove the YT rank from his account, and also remove the whitelist priviledge that he has in the BL Client 2.0. I think it's unfair to have that, just for paying for an account without truly having that amount of subscribers.

You can IP check him, so that you can see for yourselves that it's not him.


Here you can see when he changed his name from DolcheBanana to LolItsLxuti.

I hope that you can do something about this. Thanks.

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Rank was removed, thank you
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