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Teaming In Mini Meetup FFA Report


Accused Person:iMatiasxd,soyautista

Server:Mini Meetup

Crime(s) Committed:Teaming in FFA,Racism and Death Threats.

Evidence: In this first image he tells me that I am an idiot and that I am Mexican(I'm not) because I was laughing that another child had killed him and killed his team … The proof of racism. In this also says idiot and says "Let's 2v1 that asshole" (Teaming Proofs). And finally the proof that I wish death.

Date of Evidence(Optional But Helpful): 1:54 AM (Server Time)

Witnesses(Optional But Helpful):
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Can't issue them a ban for teaming since it would require video evidence but I did go ahead and mute them both.
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