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HalfCat abuses hes rank and does nothing in game
Okey, I'll just start of like this. I was playing a to2, Got teamed on blatently and then guess what happens HalfCat was speccing us all the time because it was a big fight and he was just sitting and watching us. I said he was blind and can you really get muted for disrespect for calling some one blind?
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@hover621 - His manager
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[2018-04-22 14:18:07.020000][EUUHCOPEN1] Alphanitee: [HelpOp]eller bara blind
[2018-04-22 14:17:59.819000][EUUHCOPEN1] Alphanitee: [HelpOp]du är hjärndöd holy fuck

It's obvious you were mad and of course, calling someone blind is disrespectful, especially when the person you are insulting is a staff member. There are so many other ways you could have dealt with this situation but instead, you used a disability to insult Halfcat. I've lost all sympathy for you, you can stay muted off of this. Halfcat hasn't abused his powers at all, and I hope you have a pleasant day.

Staff abuse report denied due to sufficient punishment.
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