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Asorn abusing again
Accused person:Asorn
Evidence:Asorn just banned me cause I almost killed some random youtuber called ne0_0.
I was playing on blc 2.0 all the time. Also there's proof when he banned me,also stats proof as u can see of blc streaks Got randomly banned by him.He is probably abusing for that shitty youtuber.It's just sad how this community are. Rly not hating badlion but got rly shit staff's there.Also he ignored me when I asked him for reason of ban LMFAO . Also he muted me for toxic beh cause I bullyed him so hard LOL nice staff.
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@Cheekyff-Asorn's Manager
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This wasn't Asorn's fault he had requested an administrators opinion on if you were cheating or not and said admin looked at the wrong logs. Asorn instantly unbanned you once he had learned from the admin that you weren't actually cheating. No one is at fault here it was just a miscommunication, sorry for the inconvenience.

As for the mute that was valid:
[2018-04-28 15:40:25.813000][MSG] InsaneClicker -> Asorn: I'LL REPORT U CHILL
[2018-04-28 15:40:12.634000][MSG] InsaneClicker -> Asorn: U FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT ABUSER GO DIE
[2018-04-28 15:39:58.061000][MSG] InsaneClicker -> Asorn: STOP IGNORING
[2018-04-28 15:39:51.066000][MSG] InsaneClicker -> Asorn: I PLAYED ON BLC ALL THE TIME
[2018-04-28 15:39:40.966000][MSG] InsaneClicker -> Asorn: WHY DID U BAN ME
[2018-04-28 15:39:35.216000][MSG] InsaneClicker -> Asorn: LOL

Don't let me catch you speaking to my staff in this regard again, please.

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