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I got muted for no apparent reason
so i was pvping in cubecore kits i said ikr in chat and i got muted for 1 day pls help me also i think maybe a staff muted me for saying "ikr" like wth
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Please don't waste my time.

[2018-04-28 22:45:17.578000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: Sayonesa i cant kill u bec ur fricking 12312312ms
[2018-04-28 22:44:38.225000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: Sir_Raidrian LOL -21
[2018-04-28 22:44:01.972000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: 2v1 rlly/
[2018-04-28 22:43:34.973000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: GO AWAY
[2018-04-28 22:43:23.972000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: Sayonesa ur so laggy bye
[2018-04-28 22:42:57.070000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: dethnight_2004 thats alowed now stop spamming
[2018-04-28 22:42:41.171000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: Sayonesa enjoy mute
[2018-04-28 22:42:28.625000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: SO BAD
[2018-04-28 22:41:46.568000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: acctallly bad
[2018-04-28 22:41:36.170000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: trash
[2018-04-28 22:41:32.123000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: GET OF KID
[2018-04-28 22:39:27.618000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: rip
[2018-04-28 22:38:56.620000][CCPRACTICE] CarsWheels: Sadbray ur just so bad u need to have a teammate

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