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Posting this for player because he was unable to log onto forums.


When were you banned: I'm not sure, it has been more than 1 week though probably 2.

Which server were you banned from: I belive most of them i know for sure im banned from uhc and potion pvp

Ban Reason and disconnection message: Was banned for hacking.

Any real evidence to dispute: Nope sorry ;(

Why you think you should be unbanned: I took a break to realize hacking wasn't fun it takes all the fun out.the reason i join the server is to have fun and with hacks theres really nothing to do your ruining the game for everyels even yourself. I belive i diserver another chance cause without chances i dont even know what would happen. so if you dont accept me it fine i understand.

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@asianapple Tell him to wait a month then appeal again and that it's good he was telling the truth
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