*Name of the account that donation was made on: -redacted-
Email used when the purchase was made: -redacted-
*Transaction/Order ID (this can be found in the email sent to you): -redacted-
Payment Method (PayPal, Paymentwall or Stripe): -redacted-

Issues or requests (please place a "y" next to the one(s) that apply to you then copy-paste it onto your thread)(some may require additional information for the issue or request)

Item hasn't arrived:

Unable to purchase items in the store:

Rank randomly gone or expired prematurely:

Purchased item on the wrong account:
-IGN of the account that you want the item on:

Check days left until Plus/Premium expires:

Y Other (if so, please explain): I accidentally bought it twice.
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Hello iodabomp,

You have accidentally posted the Donation Format in the wrong section of the forum.
Please make sure to post it here:

Sincerely, WitherTrx.
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