Armor Hiding, Custom Chat Alerts, and Box Starred Mobs
These are all Skyblock-related mods.
First off, armor sometimes looks clunky in Skyblock. SkyHanni has worked around this by adding a "Hide Armor" mod that allows players to hide their armor. One addition to this mod could also be Armor Transparency, where you can adjust the transparency of your armor in Skyblock.

Second off, Custom Chat Alerts, which is in Skyblock Extras and many other mods, allows you to take chat messages that you receive and display alerts on your screen as a title. One common use of this is to take the message "Your Bonzo Mask saved your life!" and turn it into an alert on your screen so it's easier to know that you need to switch off of your Bonzo Mask.
Another chat mod would be a Custom Chat Filter, which can either remove bad messages or replace them with asterisks. It would be great to not only have a baseline for "bad messages", but also a custom .txt file that you can edit and add your own messages you with to filter. I know Lunar Client has this mod.

Finally, Box Starred Mobs. In Dungeons, to clear a room, you must kill all enemies that have a star in their name, and it would be great to not have to squint your eyes to find them. Box Starred Mobs, which is in NEU and Dungeons-Guide, could allow you to highlight or box these starred mobs in a color of your choice. I'm pretty sure that you guys are working on this, so thank you for that. Another important thing (duh) is to not display the box through walls, as that would be cheating.

If any of these are already in BLC, then let me know because I can't find them :(

Thank you guys so much, I've been using your client for not long but I'm already enjoying it very much.
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