Feature Suggestion: Audio Output Device Selector
Modern versions of Minecraft have the ability to set the audio output device within the game, enabling us to change between different listening devices such as headphones or speakers. Older versions (such as 1.8.9) do not have this option and require us to change the device in Windows and reload the resources in order to update which playback device the game is outputting to.

When searching for this issue in relation to Badlion, the last thread I was able to find was the following from 2021 which never received an official response ( I would like to formally submit a feature request, as I believe this would be very beneficial to the Badlion community.

I was able to find the following archived mod for 1.8.9/1.12.2 ( and according to the GitHub repository an updated version of it is currently being included in Sk1er LLC's Patcher mod since v1.8 (

I believe this feature would be especially useful for content creators such as streamers and YouTubers, who often use virtual audio devices in order to isolate multiple audio sources across separate audio tracks, enabling easier editing in post production. The feature would also be extremely useful for the general player base as it would allow us to switch from using our headphones to our speakers and vice versa without having to restart the game or apply workaround fixes (such as reloading resources). I consider reloading resources to be a workaround as we need to switch focus or tab-out from the game itself in order to select a different audio device. This can be very inconvenient to do in the middle of playing.

Thank you and I hope this very useful feature makes its way into an upcoming update in Badlion Client. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.
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