badlion not working on linux
i ran the same command i always run, but now its stuck at this!
system specs:
i3 7th gen
8gigs of ddr4 ram
intel HD graphics 620
Ubuntu 24.04 LTS latest

(my name)@hpallinone:~/Desktop$ ./cl –no-sandbox
22:42:27.086 › background.js loaded.
22:42:27.094 › loglevel set: silly
22:42:27.098 › loading database
22:42:27.099 › creating database
22:42:27.195 › database created
22:42:27.196 › database loaded
22:42:27.971 › loaded launcher.node
(waited for 5 minutes)
(my name)@hpallinone:~/Desktop$
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try with no –no-sandbox argument, also try running as root
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