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Wrongly banned
ign: Winttr
guilty: No
When was I banned?: Tuesday 28th April 14:00 gmt
Server: Badlion
Reason: elo manipulation
Real evidence: No
Why do I think I should be unbanned?: I think that I should be unbanned because I have been wrongly accused for elo manipulation. I think this because I was getting some internet issues at this time which had caused me to lag out of ranked 1v1 matches on a few occasions. I had then fixed my internet problems and started playing again properly after, however I was seeing people in chat accusing me of elo manipulation. After this a mod (CameraLagg) was saying in chat that he was going to get a "sr mod" to ban me. I was currently muted at this time so I couldn't tell any of the mods about my internet troubles. I was muted because earlier in the day me and my friend was playing each other in a 1v1 and I said "rect lol only joking good fight!". This is why I feel I have wrongly been banned from the badlion network. I would never do anything like this because it is my favourite server and I had just bought the rank donator to support the server. I would be very appreciative if I was unbanned.

Thank You
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All I said in chat was "A sr mod will have to look at it" when responding to a player.
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Denied, you left the games on purpose.
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