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SaIvation appeal
*WARNING* This appeal is for a friend. He doesn't have a forums account. *WARNING*

Ign - SaIvation (Third letter is a capital I and not an L)

Are you guilty? - No I am not guilty.

When were you banned: I was banned at around 1:50 pm GMT on the 31st of may on 2015. - As shown in this, it shows the exact time -

Banned reason and disconnection -

Any real evidence to dispute - - This Gyazo shows the version I was on. I know it could be a lie and I could have just got that but it was taken at the exact time. My evidence to back this up is Hairybot, a long time staff member of Badlion received this Gyazo only minutes after this ban. More evidence to back up what I just said -

Why do you think I should be unbanned - I should be unbanned because first of all, I wasn't auto clicking, I don't even know how (I know everyone says this but it's true in my case) I've played on Badlion for ages, I participate in UHC's all the time, why would I want to get banned? - - That is my profile showing how many games I've played. It also shows the amount of games I played in the hour before I got banned, I lost majority of them? How on Earth would I have not been caught auto clicking if I was doing it in those games? That's because I wasn't.

Thank you, SaIvation.
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