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DaHolyPenguin Ban Appeal
IGN (that you were banned on):DaHolyPenguin (New IGN - xXPussySlayerrXx)
Are you guilty?(y/n): yes
When were you banned: 14 may 2015
Which server were you banned from:all except lobby
Ban Reason and disconnection message: [GCheat] Hacked Client
Any real evidence to dispute:no as i am guilty
Why do you think you should be unbanned: In the last appeal you said I was lying. How can I be lying if say I am guilty? I am so sorry. Please Unban me. I love your server so much
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Please show mercy I love your server so much I just want to pvp because this is the only pvp server I know.
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You were told you were lying because you still claimed you didn't realize you were hacking, though you did admit you weren't legit.

Re-appeal on July 14th for consideration.
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