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READ FIRST: Ban report do's and don'ts
First of all, thank you for improving Badlion by reporting rule-breakers!


- Record your evidence to cheating in 3rd person! We generally do not accept 1st person point of view videos, they are not concrete enough as evidence against someone cheating. To get into 3rd person mode type /spec (playername) to spectate a player.
- Include key times of when you think the hacking is most clear.
- Include the exact name of the player being reported.
- Please use default FOV, so it's easier to see the person hacking.

When reporting for ELO Manipulation:
- Include as many suspicious match links as you can. (Provide links to the matches, not screenshots of them.)
- Include the exact name of the players in question, and specify whether they are Boosting or Dropping.


- Don't falsify evidence. The one receiving the punishment will be you, and it will be a bad one.
- Don't report someone elses evidence. Only yours counts
- Don't ask the staff ingame nor on Discord to check your report out. Be patient.
- Don't report with evidence older than a few days to a week.
- Don't slow down evidence. We can do it ourselves, we can find the 0.25 speed button

What to report
- All types of Hacking
- Death threats
- Illegal Mods
- Severe disrespect
- DDos/Dox Threats
- Inappropriate usernames & capes
- Bug Abuse

What NOT to report
- Minor disrespect like "noob" or "pinger"
- Teaming in FFA or camping with screenshots, use videos!
- Ban Appeals related to GCheat and/or BAC
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