Common Ideas/Suggestions (READ FIRST)
Please read the following Ideas/Suggestions that we see over and over again and make sure your answer is not here first before suggesting something:

Add a Badlion Location in XXXXXXXX

The four Badlion locations we currently have are located in Europe (Northern France), North America (A bit north of NYC and west of Montreal), Australia (Sydney, will be shut down at the end of February 2018), and South America (São Paulo). These server locations are based on strategic values including but not limited to:

- Cost
- DDoS Protection
- Where our clients are located
- Network Quality

We cannot just pick any server location and add new servers there. We are always looking for ways to expand our network. Even with our small Australia servers, we did not add this location until we saw via our Donations that there was enough of a prescience in the region. We are not going to add any locations if we know that they won't sustain themselves. Anything new we add is an extra cost to the network.

This being said, the first location we would look into adding if we ever did add one would be located on the west coast of America. We have no estimation for when this might happen, as at the moment the costs are too high or the DDoS protection is not sufficient.

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