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News and Information about Badlion

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Premium Announcement

Get a sneak peak at upcoming Badlion Client features with the Premium rank

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By Riotly
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Developer Updates

Updates to Badlion from a Developer perspective.

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General Discussion

General discussions about the Badlion Client

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Got an idea or suggestion? Post it here and gather feedback about it.

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Bugs or Broken Features

Something broken? Report it here so we can fix it!

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Badlion Client Bugs Resolved Translation Errors
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By miloj42
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Payment Support

Got a problem when trying to buy something on the Badlion Store? Ask here for help!

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By UnknownFact
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Off Topic

Discuss anything not related to the Badlion or the games we play here. Keep it PG-13 please...

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Post pics/videos from all around the internet here. Keep it PG-13 please...

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Other Games

Got a passion for another game? Share your passion with other gamers here.

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General Discussion Arena PvP Survival Games Capture The Flag (CTF) UHC Media YouTube Submissions Resource/Texture Packs
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Discuss aspects of Badlion based on region or in a different language.

Unofficial Events Clan Recruitment Deutsche Diskussionen Discussions en Français Discusiones en Español Türk konusmalar Discussioni in Italiano Nederlandse Discussies
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Badlion Network

Badlion Network Information

Official Events Competitive Gameplay Community Feedback
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