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The Best Minecraft Iron Farm DesignsArticle posted on May 20, 2024 - 07:30 PM
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Minecraft Iron is a valuable material for new players in the game. Iron is essential for crafting and progressing in the Minecraft world. Minecraft Iron is important for making better tools and armor. It can be hard to find at first in Survival mode.

At the beginning your best choice is finding a village, a ruined portal or a shipwreck to find the most amount of iron. In the later stages of the game, the best way to get a lot of Minecraft Iron is by mining. It can take a while to mine large amounts of iron. Therefore building a Minecraft iron farm that will produce iron while you are AFK is the best choice.

Firstly, let’s cover some basics about Minecraft Iron.

Where to find Iron in Minecraft?

As we mentioned above, the best ways of finding Minecraft Iron when starting your journey is by looting ruined portals, shipwreck’s and villages. After that exploring cave systems is your best option as it won't require much unnecessary digging.

Minecraft Iron found in a Cave

Minecraft Caves are dark places that have no natural source of light unless a lava pool is nearby, therefore we recommend you to download Badlion Client and use our already pre-installed FullBright mod that will make exploring cave systems much easier. Here is a demonstration of our FullBright mod:

Without FullBright:

A showcase of Minecraft without using the Badlion Client FullBright Mod

With FullBright:

A showcase of Minecraft with using the Badlion Client FullBright Mod

To find Iron in Minecraft and the best Y level for it, read our detailed article. The article will provide information on where to locate Iron in the game. It will also give you the best Y level to mine for Iron.

How to make an Iron farm in Minecraft

Making a Minecraft Iron farm can be both simple and complicated, that depends on how efficient you want your farm to be and how much Minecraft Iron you want it to produce. In the following part of this guide we will show you 3 Minecraft Iron farm designs ranging from simple to complex.

#1 Easiest Minecraft Iron farm by Voltrox

The first design is brought to you by Voltrox, this design is simple and ideal for starters as it requires minimal resources. The main thing that needs to be done is finding a Minecraft Village and a place where the farm is gonna be built.

A picture of the first Minecraft Iron Farm design

You will need the following materials for this Minecraft Iron farm design:
  • Sign: 9
  • Buttons: 6
  • Barrels: 3
  • Slabs: 3
  • Chest: 1
  • Boat: 1
  • Hopper: 1
  • Beds: 3

After finding a Village and gathering the required materials head to Voltrox’s video and follow his detailed guide on how to build this design. Make sure that there aren’t any caves around or under your farm as Iron Golems may spawn in them. This farm will produce around 330 Iron per hour.

#2 Large and Simple Minecraft Iron farm by LaZ1en Farms

The second design is brought to you by LaZ1en Farms, a slightly more advanced design that will require slightly more materials and effort to build this design properly but it will be well worth the effort as this design produces 4x the amount of Minecraft Iron in comparison to the first design.

A picture of the second Minecraft Iron Farm design

You will need the following materials for this Minecraft Iron farm design:
  • Beds: 12
  • Slabs: 8
  • Trapdoors: 12
  • Torches: 32
  • Boats: 4
  • Hoppers: 9
  • Fence Gates: 9
  • Signs: 9
  • Chests: 2
  • Ladders: 32

Please make sure that there aren’t any cave systems around and under the farm, if there are caves try to fill them up so Iron Golems can not spawn there. Also, make sure to pay attention to the video guide by LaZ1en Farms as there are some important things that need to be set up correctly. This Minecraft Iron Farm design produces around 1200 Minecraft Iron ingots per hour.

#3 Minecraft Portal Based Iron Farm by Shulkercraft

The last Iron farm design is the most advanced because it will require the most amount of materials, some are harder to get but the design is rather simple. You can multiply and stack this design to increase its productivity, but building one farm will surely be enough.

A picture of the third Minecraft Iron Farm design

You will need the following materials for this Minecraft Iron farm design:
  • Glass: 200
  • Obsidian: 146
  • Temporary Building Blocks: 64
  • Building Blocks of your choice: 45
  • Cobblestone Wall: 25
  • Beds: 12
  • Signs: 9
  • Hopper: 9
  • Trapdoors: 6
  • Chests: 6
  • Soul Sand: 2
  • Nametags: 2
  • Glass: 200

This design is simple, but it requires 146 Obsidian blocks. Mining them can take a while if you don't have strong the tools. Although it will be well worth the struggle because this design produces over 1700 ingots per hour. Follow Shulkercraft’s video to learn how to build this Minecraft Iron farm design.

With these Minecraft Iron Farm designs, you will always have efficient setups for every location! We hope you enjoy recreating these Minecraft iron farms and benefit from a steady supply of iron ingots. Try out Badlion Client[/url, it comes with over 100 pre-installed mods ready for you to use.

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