The Allay

Everything to know about the cute little helper in Minecraft
Everything about the Minecraft AllayArticle posted on August 28, 2023 - 03:00 PM
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The Allay is a small little helper that you can find entrapped in your Minecraft world. You cannot tame them but give them items, which they will look out for. If they find that item nearby, they will bring it to you.

Where can you find the Allay?

You can always find allays trapped in your Minecraft world. They can either be found in woodland mansions or next to pillager outposts. Unfortunately, you cannot tame them. However, you can give them an item, and they will start following you.

Allay trapped in Woodland Mansion
If you take the item out of their hand, they will stop following you and start wandering again. So if you want to take some allays with you, make sure to give them an item and keep on wandering.

If you find one allay, you can play a jukebox to make it dance next to it. You can then give them an amethyst shard to duplicate them. So you technically only need to find one, some amethyst shards, and you can have as many allays as you need.

What exactly does the Allay do in Minecraft?

If you give the allay an item, it will start collecting the same item nearby. It can hold up to one stack of the item and return it to you. They can hold the entire stack and the item you gave them.

This means that you can also collect non-stackable items. This allows them to create sorting systems with redstone that can sort non-stackable items as well. You can take them with you on a mining trip, on an adventure, or use them in a different way.

Allay holding item in a hand
There are countless possibilities ranging from being a bit of extra storage to allowing you to create a very efficient storage system.

What about Note blocks and Jukeboxes?

As you already know now, allays will always start to dance if they are next to a running jukebox. But there is another amazing mechanic that you should be aware of. If a note block is played, the allay will return the items to the note block for thirty seconds instead of you.

This way, you can build a storage system with multiple allays that each have their own favorite tune that they bring the items back to.

Can the Allay be killed?

Yes, if the allay takes enough damage, it will end up dying. However, if you befriend an allay, you will not be able to hurt it yourself. The only way that the allay may receive damage is through other entities.

The allay does regenerate health by itself, so if you carry it around with you, it should not take enough damage to die. Just make sure to keep an eye on it during heated situations, and it will be completely fine.

Trapped Allay
And if you end up using it for a storage system or in a mine, it will very unlikely die. So you will not have to worry about it.

Is there anything else to know?

You can find allays very easily during the dark, so you will not miss one by accident if you are exploring a woodland mansion. While they do glow in the dark, they will not illuminate anything that is nearby.

This means that you cannot use them as a portable torch, unfortunately. And even if there are any mobs nearby, you will not be able to spot them from the glowing of the allay.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the allay will only search for items that are within 32 blocks of it. If you take it on a mining trip, then it will pick up everything, but if you are trying to collect items from further away, you will not be able to, unfortunately.

The allay will also only follow you if you are within 64 blocks of it. So make sure to keep an eye on it while bringing it back to your base after your long journey.
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