The most complete all-in-one mod library for Minecraft with 100+ mods, FPS improvements and more.

Highest FPS Boost
Largest Mod Selection
Supports All Popular Versions

FPS Performance

We are constantly improving the client to sure each update brings a boost in FPS.

Our Mission

Our mission at Badlion is to optimize the Minecraft experience for players worldwide by providing a powerful, user-friendly client packed with improvements and customizations delivered in the safest way. We are dedicated to fostering a vibrant community and continually innovating to meet the evolving needs of our users.

The Badlion Client is an all in one Minecraft launcher with FPS improvements, mods, and much more.

Once you use the Badlion Client you will never want to use any other Minecraft launcher again. We are constantly working to improve the client and add new features requested by the community.

You can download the Badlion Client by clicking the "Download" link at the top of this web page and then clicking on your operating system button to get the latest version available.
Yes, currently in order to use the Badlion Client you need to have a Badlion account. You can sign up for free by clicking "Register Now" in the Badlion Client after downloading it.
We have combined popular FPS technologies such as Optifine and Betterframes (our own FPS improvements) to make sure you get the highest FPS possible! Most of these FPS improvements are automatic, but there are some additional options you can configure which might help individual performance.
The Badlion Client supports 1.8, 1.12, 1.16, 1.19, 1.20, and 1.21 at this time. This means you can use the Badlion Client in Singleplayer, Realms, or on any Minecraft server supporting any of these versions.

We currently support the following mods:

  • Minimap
  • ArmorStatus
  • PotionStatus
  • Togglesneak
  • Hitboxes
  • Keystrokes
  • Timechanger
  • Crosshair
  • CPS Counter
  • FPS Counter
  • Ping Counter
  • ...And many more that we can't list here!
We support any standard resource pack. If the resource pack has illegal textures (normally found in xray packs) that let you see through things you shouldn't be able to, our client will fill them in for you.
The Badlion Client automatically updates for you. When you boot the client up it will check for updates, and periodically in the background as well.
Yes there are public APIs available for the Badlion Client. Check out our Github Page for all of the available plugins to use for your server.
Yes! Download it on any of our website pages here.
If you recently received an email about your account having suspicious activity, we suggest you reset your password immediately on your Badlion Client account. The most common reason you would receive this email is because someone logged into your account from an unusual location using the same login information you have used on other websites. We highly suggest you use a unique password for every website that you sign up with. There are several free password managers available online, one such example is LastPass. We also suggest activating 2 factor authentication on your Badlion account if you have not done so already here.
Badlion Client
Badlion is one of the largest Minecraft community platforms which has over 8 years of history in the space. We also offer a free Minecraft client modpack with 100+ mods, and FPS boosting technology.
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