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Buried Treasures in MinecraftArticle posted on September 6, 2023 - 08:00 PM
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Buried Treasures have been added to Minecraft in the 1.13 Aquatic Update. If you have played on one of the newer versions, then you have most likely already seen a shipwreck. They are either located in the ocean or at a beach.

You can find three chests inside of them, one having a buried treasure map. You can use them to find buried treasures in your Minecraft world. Keep reading to find out how you can read the maps, where to dig for the treasure and what you can find in them.

How to Find Buried Treasure in Minecraft?

Finding buried treasure chests in Minecraft is easy once you have the map. If you do not have a map, you can still dig around at beaches. Though, the chances of you finding some chests are very unlikely.

If you have a treasure map, you can easily find them. Your player is resembled by a white dot on the map. The location of the buried treasure chest is resembled by a red cross on the map. If the map is colored, then you are in the area of the map.

A Minecraft player holding a colored buried treasure map

However, if your map is orange, black, and striped, you need to get closer to the location of the buried treasure.

A Minecraft player holding an unfilled buried treasure map

Once you are at the location of the buried treasure, you will have to dig down. Buried treasures are hidden below the surface and not visible right away. However, there is a trick to make it easier to find the treasure.

You can use chunks to your advantage. If you enable chunk borders, you will be able to see that the buried treasure is located in the middle of the chunk. All you have to do is go to the 2x2 center area and then dig it out with your shovel.

A Minecraft player digging up buried treasure

You can also stand in the middle of the cross so that your character is hidden and then go one step further south. Your character should look like this on the map:

A Minecraft player standing over buried treasure

If it looks like this, you are standing right on top of the buried treasure and you can just go ahead and dig down.

Where can you find Buried Treasure Maps?

You can find buried treasure maps in the ocean or on the shore. They are located inside shipwrecks and ocean ruins.

If you are looting a shipwreck, then you will find three chests and one of them contains the buried treasure map. If you are looting ocean ruins, you should beware of drowned mobs that may attack you.

A Minecraft shipwreck with buried treasure map

There should not be any other obstacles when trying to find the treasure maps. Make sure to keep an eye on your oxygen and you should be good to go.

If you are using the chunk border trick, we can recommend Badlion Client. If you are using vanilla Minecraft, you will have to press "F3" + "G" to view chunk borders. You cannot customise them and it may be hard to see them sometimes.

If you use the chunk borders that come with Badlion, you can customize them to your personal preference and enable/disable certain aspects of it.

What can you find in Buried Treasures?

There are a few things that you can find in a buried treasure chest. This is a list of the items that you can find in the buried treasures.

Every buried treasure has a heart of the sea. If you cannot find it, then the chest has most likely already been looted. Especially if you can see some marks of someone digging down.

What can you do with the Heart of the Sea?

Following this crafting recipe, you can use your heart of the sea to craft a conduit:

Minecraft conduit recipe

You can find the nautilus shells by fishing, trading, or killing drowned mobs. You can then go ahead and use the conduit alongside some prismarine blocks aligned as follows:

To get the "Conduit Power" effect. You will be able to mine faster underwater, swim faster underwater, and also breathe infinitely underwater as long as you have the effect.
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