5 interesting Facts about Minecraft 1.20

Five facts about Minecraft 1.20 that you might not know yet
Interesting Facts about Minecraft 1.20Article posted on May 31, 2023 - 07:00 PM
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The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales Update is right around the corner. On the 7th of June, you will be able to jump right into action and explore the full-fledged update. If you want to try out the latest features already and do not want to wait, you can try out the pre-releases.

There are a couple of things that you have missed in the 1.20 update. So keep reading to find out about 5 interesting things and facts to know about the Minecraft 1.20 Update.

1. Cherry Blossom Biome is actually called Cherry Grove

Minecraft 1.20 introduces two new wood types: Bamboo and Cherry. And even though this biome is often referred to as the cherry blossom biome, it is actually called the cherry grove. If you want to find the biome with a Minecraft command, you will have to use the right name.

Minecraft 1.20 Cherry Grove Biome

2. New Logo, Panorama, and UI Theme

You may have noticed that the logo for the Minecraft Java Edition looks slightly different on the latest versions. This is because 1.20 adds a reworked version of the Minecraft Java Edition logo. In fact, the new one looks similar to the logo of the Bedrock Edition.

And as with every new update, we also got a new panorama screen. The new one shows off the beauty of the brand-new cherry grove biome that we just now mentioned.

Minecraft old Logo vs new Logo
You have also most likely missed the new resource pack that comes with Minecraft 1.20. It is called “High Contrast.” And as the name suggests, it increases the contrast of the UI of Minecraft. It comes pre-installed and can be enabled through the resource pack section.

Minecraft High Contrast UI

3. Calibrated Sculk Sensor and Archaeology

Even though Sculk Blocks were planned on being added in 1.18, they only made it into the game in 1.19. The Minecraft 1.19 “The Wild Update” added the Warden and a lot of the Sculk Blocks. However, Minecraft 1.20 is improving the functionality of these and adding an additional one.

The calibrated sculk sensor should have been part of the 1.19 update but only made it into the game now. The archaeology features were teased a while ago and should have been added to the game in the 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update. With 1.20, they are finally being added to the game.

Minecraft Calibrated Sculk Sensor

4. 1.20 Experiments System

Minecraft 1.20 is the first update to feature a so-called experiment system. Instead of receiving all the features right away, users received them bit by bit. Alongside the experiments, we also received Minecraft 1.19 updates, which were intended to polish the previous update.

Before, users had to wait for snapshots to try out the new features, and while the new experiments cannot replace them, they are still a great addition. Experiments have been a part of the Minecraft Bedrock release cycle for quite a while now, and now it is also available for Java Edition.

Minecraft Experiments System
While we cannot be certain that upcoming versions will use the same system, it is very likely. Users received the new system positively, and the new approach to releasing more content than announcing has definitely paid off.

1.20 delivered more than expected

Even though we just briefly mentioned this, it definitely deserves some more attention. The Caves and Cliffs update was split into two parts and released with 1.17 and 1.18. This did upset some users, and rightfully so. Some of the content even got pushed onto the release of the 1.19 version.

Minecraft 1.20, on the other hand, gave us a sneak peek but did not promise too much. Mojang ended up releasing more features than they originally announced. And the winner of the 2022 mob vote does what it was promised. Even though a few more seeds would definitely be nice to have.

Minecraft Sniffer
The Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update adds new blocks, biomes, mobs, and much more. It is only a matter of a couple of days until the update finally gets released. We have previously mentioned that you can already enjoy the new features by playing the Pre-Releases. You can also play the latest versions with all your favorite mods by using the Badlion Client, which you can download here.
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