Does Minecraft have game chat

In this article, learn everything you need to know about Minecraft's game chat, including mods that can enhance you experience
Minecraft ChatArticle posted on May 27, 2024 - 08:00 AM
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The Minecraft game chat is one of the game's most fundamental features. It allows players to interact with the game using Minecraft commands and chat with each other in multiplayer worlds. Chances are, every time you log into Minecraft, you somehow interact with the chat menu. In this article, we will show you the most common ways to use the chat menu in Minecraft. In addition, you will learn about several ways to enhance your Minecraft chat bar experience using specific settings and modifications. Keep reading to have a new perspective on the Minecraft chat bar!

Does Minecraft have game chat

Minecraft does have a game chat feature that allows players to interact with the game and send messages to each other. This makes it easy to meet new players and coordinate in-game activities.

A Minecraft message that says hello world!
In addition, Minecraft has many mods created by players that allow you to communicate using voice. Many Minecraft voice chat mods are available, but we recommend using the built-in voice-chat mod on the Badlion Client. Badlion Client is a Minecraft mod pack that gives you access to 70+ mods within a straightforward download. To get started using the voice chat mod in Minecraft, download and set up Badlion Client here. Then, when you are in the game, search for the "Voice Chat" mod in the mod menu!

The Minecraft voice mod

How to chat in Minecraft

To chat in Minecraft, open the chat bar by pressing the "T" key on your keyboard. You will see a bar with a cursor flashing at the bottom left of your screen. Type anything into this window, then hit "enter" to send your message!

A focused Minecraft chat bar

Minecraft chat Settings

Players can adjust the following settings to customize the chat menu. To access these settings, click "Esc," then "Chat Settings."

Minecraft chat settings menu
Chat: Shown / Commands Only / Hidden
  • This setting will show/hide all or some of the text that is sent to the player in the chat menu.

Web Links: On / Off
  • When on, players can click web links sent in chat. If this setting is off, links will become unclickable.

Chat text opacity: 0-100%
  • Controls the opacity of the text on your screen. A lower value will allow you to see through the text.

Chat Delay: 0-6 seconds
  • When set to a value greater than 0, this setting will send chat messages one at a time with a delay. If chat messages are suppressed due to this feature, you will see a "{number of messages} pending" message.

Focused Height: 20 - 180 px
  • Focused height controls how tall the chat menu appears when focused. In other words, the chat height will change to this value after you hit the "t" key.

Narrator: OFF / Narrates All / Narrates Chat / Narrates System
  • The narrator setting is a feature that reads aloud the text that shows up in the chat menu. Depending on which value you set this setting to, you can also have system elements such as buttons and menus narrated for you.

Hide Matched Names: ON / OFF
  • Matches hidden players based on chat names.

Colors: ON / OFF
  • Toggles whether or not colors appear in chat.

Prompt on Links: ON / OFF
  • Toggles whether you receive a prompt before clicking and navigating to a link destination in chat.

Text Background Opacity: 0-100%
  • Control the opacity of the text background. When set to 100%, the chat will appear a solid color.

Line Spacing: 0-100%
  • Controls the spacing between lines of text.

Width: 40-320px
  • Control the width of the chat window.

Unfocused Height: 20-180px
  • Controls the height of the chat menu when not in focus. In other words, text is displayed anytime you are not typing a message.

Command Suggestions: ON /OFF
  • Toggles whether or not you will receive Minecraft command suggestions

Reduced Debug Info: ON / OFF
  • Reduces the information displayed in the debug menu accessed via the F3 key.

Minecraft chat mod

While the above settings provide plenty of customization, you can add even more features to your Minecraft chat to enhance your chatting experience. For example, imagine chatting with a friend on the other side of the world without being on the same Minecraft server. Or perhaps you want to send a message only to one player without your whole Minecraft server seeing it. Maybe you're just looking to give your chat some custom colors and a new look. This and many other features are possible using Badlion Client's chat mod.

How to install the chat mod in Minecraft

To install chat mod in Minecraft, head to where you can download the Badlion Client modpack and launcher. This single download will allow you to access 70+ Minecraft mods, including the chat mod, for free, all within one Minecraft launcher.

Once you have Badlion Client set up, head into the game and press right shift to open the Minecraft mod menu. From there, search for the "chat" and enable the first mod to appear.

Enabling Minecraft chat mod
Once enabled, you can access many Minecraft chat settings to customize your chat experience completely.

Minecraft chat mod settings
In addition, after pressing the "t" key, you will notice some new icons next to your chat bar.

You can access the public and private chat menus by clicking the speech bubble icon. From this menu, you can chat with any other Minecraft player using Badlion Client, no matter what world or server you are in.

Minecraft chat mod global chat
You can effectively communicate with other players now that you know how to chat in Minecraft like a pro. Make sure to Download Badlion Client today if you want access to even more custom chatting features. If you want to learn about more mods, check out our Minecraft mods article here, which goes over some amazing mods to use in your next survival Minecraft world!

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