How to find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19

The easiest ways to find Diamonds
How to find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.19Article posted on April 13, 2023 - 08:00 PM
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Diamonds are an essential ore for your Minecraft journey. Not only do you need it to craft diamond equipment but also to obtain netherite equipment, as that requires you to craft diamond equipment first.

With Minecraft’s ore generation constantly changing, this guide will help you to find diamonds in no time when playing Minecraft 1.19.


The most straightforward method to find diamonds is caving. Diamonds generate more frequently the further down you go in your world as long as you stay above bedrock level. When diamonds generate in your world, they actually replace some blocks, such as stone, tuff, or deepslate. However, diamonds will never replace bedrock, so you always want to stay above bedrock level.

Minecraft Caving 1.19
When caving, try to find a cave that is big, open, and as deep as possible. More exposed blocks mean that you can find more diamonds. If you are playing without any Minecraft Mods, you will want to grab a potion of night vision to make spotting diamonds easier. However, we personally recommend downloading the Badlion Client here as it comes with a Fullbright mod pre-installed, which allows you to see caves as if you had night vision.

Minecraft Caving 1.19 with Fullbright
For caving, we recommend you pack enough food and enough pickaxes. If you have your pickaxe enchanted with unbreaking or even mending, then you will unlikely require multiple pickaxes. If you have not enchanted your pickaxe yet, then make sure to bring enough. To mine diamonds, you will require at least an iron pickaxe.

Finding Diamonds in a Cave Minecraft with Fullbright
When caving, we also recommend you to use the "Block Info" Minecraft mod that comes pre-installed with the Badlion Client. This mod allows you to see all the important information about the block that you are currently looking at. If you find a lava sea, then there is a chance that some diamonds are hidden underneath. Using the "Block Info" mod, you can find out what block is lurking below the lava and potentially spot some diamonds that you would have otherwise missed.

Finding Minecraft Diamonds beneath Lava

Deep Dark Mining and Moss Mining

These techniques are fairly similar and also require you to find a cave. The moss mining technique revolves around moss blocks. By placing them and using a bone meal on them, you can make the moss spread, which you can then break quickly using a hoe.

Minecraft finding Diamonds with moss mining
For both the deep dark mining technique, as well as the moss mining technique, we recommend a diamond hoe with efficiency 5. This will allow you to mine the moss and the sculk much faster and allows you to mine for diamonds much more efficiently. The reason why both of these techniques work very well is that diamonds, unlike, for example, copper, do not generate more frequently when exposed to air. This means that you are as likely to find diamonds hidden behind layers of moss or sculk.

Minecraft diamonds moss mining technique
For the deep dark mining technique, you are, as the name suggests, required to find a deep dark biome. You can find this biome below mountains. However, make sure to keep in mind that there is also some risk involved with this technique. When deep dark mining, you want to make sure to destroy all shriekers nearby to avoid accidentally spawning the warden.

Minecraft deep dark diamond farming method
Once you ensure all of the nearby shriekers have been destroyed, you can use your hoe on the sculk blocks, just like you used it on the moss blocks. While the moss mining technique requires you to have a lot of bone meal to make the moss spread, this one solely relies on the world generation. If you have a mob farm where you have access to a lot of bones, then we recommend the moss mining technique. Though, if you do not have access to many bones, you can just stick to the deep dark mining technique or caving.

Branch Mining

Finding diamonds in Minecraft 1.8.9 often revolved around "strip mining." This method is also called shafting, shaft mining, or branch mining. In Minecraft 1.19, you can still branch mine, though, with the implementation of the deepslate block type and the new world generation, this has become harder as you will require better tools to farm diamonds efficiently.

Minecraft Strip Mining 1.19
For this method, you might be wondering: "What is the best Y level to find Diamonds"? Y = -59 is your go-to, as diamond ores are more likely to generate the further down you go. If you were to go down even further, you would reach the bedrock layer, which is disadvantageous. You can either dig your old-fashioned 1x2 tunnels or dig 3x3 tunnels. This technique relies on you exposing the hidden diamonds, and the more blocks you mine, the more likely it is for you to find diamonds.

Minecraft branch mining method
We do not recommend this method as much if you have recently started a new world, as it is easier to find diamonds through caving than through branch mining. Though, all of these methods are similarly efficient.

Dive Mining

Yes, that is right, you can also go through underwater caves in hope of finding diamonds. Diamonds hidden behind water count as non-exposed diamonds as water counts as a block, unlike air. This means that when diving at low depths, you are likely to find diamonds.

Finding Minecraft Diamonds through Dive Mining
Keep in mind that this method requires good equipment. You will want your helmet to be enchanted with respiration or to be carrying some block with you that will allow you to get air underwater. Else you will end up accidentally dying. Hence, we do not recommend this method unless you know what you are doing.

Grab your Equipment

What are you waiting for? Grab some iron pickaxes, food, and some armor and jump into the next cave, start diving, or bring some diamond hoes and bone meal with you. The choice is yours. You are now all ready and set to start mining for diamonds!
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