Best Minecraft 1.19 Sword Enchantments

Find out about the best enchantments to make your sword powerful
Best Minecraft 1.19 Sword EnchantmentsArticle posted on March 26, 2023 - 10:00 PM
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Even though the popularity of the axe in combat has risen, the sword remains the most commonly used weapon when it comes to PvE and PvP, as you can add enchantments, such as Sweeping Edge or Looting, which you cannot put on your axe and allows you to kill multiple entities with one hit, or get more items from killing mobs in your mob grinder.

Unbreaking and Mending

Unbreaking III and Mending I are must-have enchantments on your Armor, your Tools, and especially your sword. If you have a mob grinder or any other farm where you have to manually kill entities with your sword, you can use it indefinitely, as it will automatically repair itself. And if you are ever traveling around your world, exploring, then the Unbreaking III enchantment will help you keep the durability up until you get another opportunity to repair your sword.

Unbreaking and Mending Enchantments


Looting III increases the amount of mob drops you get. This allows you to use your blaze rod farms, your mob grinders, or any other farm where you are standing around and killing entities with your sword, to be much more efficient. Of course, there are also many more situations where this enchantment is very beneficial, such as collecting wither skeleton skulls to beat the Wither or collecting ender pearls to combine them with your Blaze rods so that you can craft eyes of ender to get to the stronghold, enter the end and beat the ender dragon.

Minecraft Looting Enchantment

Fire Aspect

The Fire Aspect II enchantment is very beneficial as it not only puts your enemies on fire and causes fire damage but also drops the cooked loot of the mob. There are however two things you should keep in mind. If you have an automated mob farm that relies on your hitting an armor stand in Minecraft, you should stay away from this enchantment, as it will cause the armor stand to catch fire and break. And an Enderman that was hit with a sword with Fire Aspect will teleport away, making it much harder to kill as you will have to wait for it to stop burning. If you want to save some coal, deal some additional attack damage, and always want to have a quick and easy way to get some food on the go and not have a big problem with any of the downsides we just mentioned, then this enchantment is perfect for you.

Minecraft Fire Aspect Enchantment

Sweeping Edge

Your sword’s sweep attack is amazing, but you can make it even better by increasing its damage of it with the Sweeping Edge III enchantment. There is only one downside to this enchantment, being that Fire Aspect will not work as efficiently as you may expect at first. Only the first mob you hit with an attack will drop the cooked version instead of the non-cooked one. This means that if you use it on many mobs, only the first pig you hit will drop cooked meat.

Minecraft Sweeping Edge Enchantment


Knockback I and II allow you to hit your enemies further back with your hits. You can choose between either of these two enchantments depending on the amount of extra knockback you would like, or stay away from it entirely if you prefer your PvP duels to be more close combat. After all, if you were to hit your enemy further back than you would like to during your combo, it would cause more harm than good.

Minecraft Knockback Enchantment

Sharpness, Bane of Arthropods, or Smite

Sharpness V is the best enchantment to go with for most cases and definitely is a must-have on your sword. However, If you are solely planning on killing arthropod mobs or undead mobs, then Bane of Arthropods V or Smite V may actually be better choices for you.

Sharpness causes your sword to deal extra damage in general, whereas Bane of Arthropods only causes you to deal additional damage to a certain group of mobs, just like the Smite enchantment. If you want to have a sword to kill zombies or skeletons, for example, then go for Smite, and if you only plan on killing spiders or cave spiders because you found a spider spawner, then go for Bane of Arthropods. However, we personally recommend just sticking to Sharpness V.

Minecraft Sharpness, Sweeping Edge and Smite Enchantments

Enhance your Minecraft experience

These are the best enchantments for your Minecraft sword that you should not miss out on. So load up your world, or connect to a server of your choice and start working on improving your loadout to become the best player on your server or to have everything you need to beat either the wither or the Ender Dragon. One enchantment that you can also apply to your sword, which we have not mentioned before, is the curse of vanishing enchantment. As this enchantment offers no benefits, it is recommended to stay away from it unless you are using it for PvP scenarios and do not want your enemies to obtain it.

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