Minecraft Snapshot 23w03a

Find out about all the important changes and additions from the latest Minecraft Snapshot 23w03a!
Minecraft Snapshot 23w03a Support on the Badlion ClientArticle posted on January 19, 2023 - 04:00 PM
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Let the 2023 Snapshot Season begin!

What better way is there to start 2023 than with a brand-new Minecraft Snapshot? And there is even better news! The Badlion Client already supports the Minecraft Snapshot 23w03a. This means that you can start playing the latest Minecraft version right away without compromising any Minecraft FPS or having to leave out some of your favorite features! With our in-built Shaders Mod, you can even enjoy the looks of Shaders without having to wait for OptiFine to be released. Keep reading to find out about all the changes so that you do not miss any of the news!

Minecraft “/ride” command

The “/ride” command has previously been exclusive to the Minecraft Bedrock Edition and the Minecraft Education Edition. With the latest Snapshot, however, you can now use the command on the Minecraft Java Edition. The command allows you to mount entities onto other entities and of course, also dismount them. The syntax for the command is: “/ride <target> (dis-)mount <vehicle>”. You can mount a chicken on a dog that is mounted on a donkey for example.

Minecraft riding command showcase

But mounting animals on other animals will get boring very fast, so why not see what it would feel like to be a baby zombie riding a chicken? You can also find out what it looks like to sit on an armor stand and countless other entities. The possibilities that come with this command are endless. You could go ahead and hide an armor stand under a staircase and then be able to sit down with a command or by stepping on a pressure plate that activates a command block for you! You can go ahead and build a campsite, have a few of your friends use the command to sit down on the benches you created, and a single click will be all that is left for you to create that stunning screenshot to amaze your friends! However, keep in mind that this command requires cheats to be enabled.

Player riding a chicken
Player mounted on an armor stand

More cloning!

The Minecraft clone command now supports other dimensions! This means that you can copy your house from the overworld into the nether or even the end. You can do that with ease using the new command syntax: “/clone [from <sourceDimension>] <begin> <end> [to <targetDimension>] <destination> …”. The “sourceDimension” is the Dimension that you are cloning your house from and the “targetDimension” is the Dimension that you would like your house to be in. It is as easy as it sounds.

Quality of Life features

The latest Minecraft Snapshot 23w03a of course also features some Quality of Life features that will improve your gaming experience even more. First and foremost, let’s start with the Auto-Jump setting. This setting will now be set to off by default. You are of course still able to turn it on with just a few clicks! Or you could use the new arrow key navigation for menu screens to enable it. You heard that right, with Minecraft Snapshot 23w03a you can now use the keyboard to navigate through the menu screens and no longer have to rely on your mouse. The Resource Pack screen is now also keyboard-navigable! And there are, of course, also even more Quality of Life features! Vexes now have a new animation for when they are charging when empty-handed which looks amazing.

New Vex Animation

Armor stands now preserve their custom names when placed and broken. You can now give the armor stands in your base a name and in case anything gets lost, you will be able to find out what was stored on them in no time by simply breaking the armor stand. Fire now burns out faster in certain biomes. While we are talking about biomes, Snow Golems melting is now controlled by the “snow_golem_melts” biome tag, and the fox variants are now controlled by the “spawns_snow_foxes” biome tag. There has also been a new Quality of Life feature that has been released for the latest 1.20 Datapack. You can now place heads on note blocks without having to sneak. And last but not least, you can now also change how long the on-screen notifications last with the brand-new Minecraft Snapshot 23w03a setting “notification display time”.

Numerous Bug Fixes

The Minecraft Snapshot 23w03a also features more than 30 bug fixes. This includes bugs, such as the spectate command not working between dimensions, burning mobs not being extinguished by rain in warm patches of Frozen Ocean biomes, Riptide not working in rain within the frozen ocean, and many more. But the most important one is probably damage wobble no longer showing the direction of incoming damage. A bug that has been around for about a decade.
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