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Learn how you can install and start using voice chat for Minecraft, all in a matter of minutes!
Minecraft Voice Chat ModArticle posted on June 5, 2024 - 05:00 PM
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Imagine being able to communicate with any player in Minecraft using a voice chat system. You could easily coordinate defeating the Ender Dragon with your survival partner. Or, perhaps, you want to launch a full-scale invasion in the popular Minecraft bedwars gamemode. Anything can become a reality with a voice chat mod instantly linking you to other players. Continue reading to learn how to set up voice chat for Minecraft in just a few minutes!

Does Minecraft have voice chat?

No, the voice chat feature is not included in Minecraft. As a result, players can only communicate using a text chat system. However, third-party modifications allow players to add voice chat to the game! For example, by downloading Badlion Client, players can have access to voice chat for Minecraft in a matter of minutes.

How to get voice chat for Minecraft

To get voice chat for Minecraft, start by downloading Badlion Client from this link. Badlion Client is a popular Minecraft mod pack that bundles 70+ Minecraft mods, including the voice chat mod, into one single Minecraft launcher. This is the easiest way to start using the voice chat mod in Minecraft, and it will allow you to talk with the most players.

Once the Badlion Client is downloaded and set up, start Minecraft from the Badlion Client launcher. While running the game, enter a Minecraft world or server and click the right shift key on your keyboard to open the mod menu.

A Minecraft mod menu containing 70+ Minecraft mods

In the top right of the screen, you will find a search bar. Type "voice mod", and enable the first mod that appears.

Installing Minecraft voice chat mod

Once enabled, click on the mod in the mod menu, then click "open voice menu" in the mod settings.

Minecraft voice chat settings

You will then see the voice menu appear, which allows you to create or join a voice chat room.

Minecraft voice chat room

Tip: If you want to create a private voice chat room for just your friends, make sure to set a private pin when creating the chat room.

Minecraft Voice Chat Settings

Once you have installed the voice chat mod, you can adjust the following settings, which can be accessed by clicking on the voice mod in the mod menu. These settings can change how you interact with the voice chat mod and allow you to change what microphone and speaker devices voice chat uses.

Microphone mode: Push to Talk, Always On, Voice Activated
  • Push to talk means your microphone will only be activated when you push a pre-set keybind.
  • Always On will leave your microphone on while in a voice chat room, no matter if you are talking or not.
  • Voice-activated will only activate your microphone when sound is detected. This is useful if you are in a loud environment and don't want players to hear background noise.

Toggle Mute: Keybind
  • Allows you to set a keybind to turn on and off your mute button.

Toggle Deafen: Keybind
  • Gives you the ability to set a keybind to deafen you while in a chat room. This means you won't hear other players talking.

Open Voice Mod: Keybind
  • Allows you to set a keybind for opening the voice mod menu

Input Device: Device Selection
  • Interface for changing what device the voice chat mod uses

Output Device: Device Selection
  • Interface for selecting the output devices used by chat mod

Why should you use Badlion Client's chat mod?

Unlike several Minecraft voice chat mods, the Badlion voice chat mod is best for most players because it is entirely plug-and-play, meaning there is little to no setup to get it working. In contrast, other voice chat mods might require additional software to connect via voice or special software running on a Minecraft server. In addition, Badlion Client offers an experienced team of technical support members to assist you with any troubles related to the voice chat mod. Because Badlion Client makes voice chatting so simple, you can talk to more players, making the experience much more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Download Badlion Client today and start yapping!
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