Top 5 Best Minecraft Minigames

Find five amazing minigames you should try playing in Minecraft
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Top 5 Minecraft MinigamesArticle posted on February 3, 2024 - 05:00 PM
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Minecraft minigames are one of the most popular activities to do in Minecraft. With a comprehensive multiplayer system, Minecraft fosters some of the most immersive and high-quality gamemodes. This article will explore five extremely fun Minecraft games you can play in Minecraft. Whether you want to play with your friends or solo, there is a minigame on this list for you!

Top 5 Minecraft Minigames

  1. Minecraft Bedwars
  2. Party Games in Minecraft
  3. Minecraft SkyWars
  4. Minecraft Sumo
  5. Minecraft Dropper

#1 Minecraft Bedwars

Becoming one of the most popular Minecraft minigames in 2017, Minecraft Bedwars comes at the top spot in this list. As a strategy-based minigame, bedwars is great for all types of players.

Bedwars starts you on your own private island with a single bed. Your goal is simple: protect your bed from being broken by other players and become the last player standing.

On your island, you will find resource generators providing you with gold and iron Ingots every few seconds. You can purchase blocks to defend your bed. You can also buy swords, armor, and tools to destroy the enemy team's beds more efficiently.

A Bedwars island in the bedwars minecraft minigame
How to play Minecraft Bedwars
The easiest way to start playing Bedwars in Minecraft is through a Minecraft server. Minecraft servers allow people from all over the world to connect to the same Minecraft world. Several servers offer the Bedwars minigame, but the most popular is the Hypixel Network.

To connect to the Hypixel Network, go to the "multiplayer" tab of Minecraft and click "add server." Once there, type in the following under "Server Address"

Connecting to the hypixel server in minecraft
On the server, use the compass to find the "Bedwars" minigame and go to the bedwars lobby. From there, you can select the type of bedwars you would like to play and join the queue for a game!

Hypixel's bedwars lobby with multiple NPC's
If you want more bedwars tips and strategies, check out our Hypixel Bedwars article here. This article will also show you a number of helpful Minecraft mods you can use on the Badlion Client to enhance your gameplay.

#2 Party Games in Minecraft

When playing with a large group of friends, there will always be disagreements about what game should be played. If this situation sounds all too familiar, we recommend checking out Hypixel's party gamemode. This gamemode will allow you to play eight minigames as a mini-tournament. Whoever gathers the most points from all eight games wins the entire match.

Perhaps the best part about Party Games on the Hypixel Network is that the eight minigames selected are drawn from a pool of 26 possible minigames, each with different styles/goals. This means regardless of your skills, you will find a minigame that fits your playstyle.

A Minecraft parkour map found within hypixel's partygame minigame
How to play party games in Minecraft
To play party games in Minecraft, join the Hypixel server using the ip Select the "arcade" gamemode in the game menu, then select the "party games" NPC once you spawn in the arcade lobby. If you intend to play with friends, add them to your group party before clicking "play" by running the following command: /party invite {username}.

selecting the Arcade in the game selection menu on the hypixel network
The party games NPC on the Hypixel Network

#3 Minecraft Skywars

Looking for a heavily PvP-based minigame? If so, you will probably enjoy skywars.

Skywars in Minecraft is a fast-paced PvP game where several players are placed on individual small islands filled with loot chests. Once the game starts, you can run around your island gathering supplies, including building blocks, armor, and weapons. You can either bridge and conquer other players' islands or venture onto the main middle island, which contains several high-value loot chests.

However, be careful! The last player standing is the winner of the game, and it's easy to fall into the void or be killed by another player if you let your guard down.

A Hypixel Skywars map before the game starts
How to play Minecraft Skywars
The fastest way to start playing Skywars in Minecraft is through a Minecraft server like the Hypixel network. This will allow you to play solo or with your friends. Once you have added and connected to, head to the Skywars lobby by pressing the Skywars icon in the game menu.

The skywars selector in the gameselector on the hypixel network in Minecraft

#4 Minecraft Sumo

The goal of the Sumo minigame in Minecraft is extremely simple: push the other player off the platform's edge. For this reason, it is a great game to play with your friends in a minigame server or your own multiplayer survival world.

In addition, unlike traditional PvP-based games, sumo does not involve killing the other player. Instead, you are supposed only to push them using your fists. This dynamic makes for an intriguing but challenging minigame.

How to play Minecraft sumo in Minecraft
If you want to make your own sumo arena in a survival world, start by building a 13x13 circular platform. If you would like, you can make this platform larger or smaller, depending on how quickly you would like the rounds to go.

Next, dig around the platform to create a pit, which players will fall into when they are pushed off. If you would like to raise the steaks of the game, we recommend filling the bottom of the pit with lava. However, if you want to be kind to your friends, you can fill it with water instead.

Finally, decorate the sides of the pit and the platform. If you do not care how your arena looks, you can simply leave it bare. However, you should at least add two or four spots on the platform to mark where players should start.

A sumo arena built in Minecraft
If you do not want to go through the troubles of creating your own arena, you can play the sumo gamemode on a Minecraft minigame server such as the hypixel network. Simply add and join the server IP "" in the Minecraft multiplayer menu. Once in the game, you can go to the duels lobby and select the "sumo" game.

Selecting the sumo gamemode on hypixel in Minecraft
The sumo NPC on hypixel in Minecraft

#5 Minecraft Dropper

The Minecraft Dropper minigame is a non-combative Minecraft minigame that requires you to free fall to the bottom of an obstacle course-like map without dying. While the first two or three levels may be easy, you will quickly find challenging maps or levels requiring complex, precision aerial maneuvers to reach the bottom. Are you up for a challenge?

A Minecraft dropper map
How to play the Dropper in Minecraft
Because of the complex mechanics and intricate maps required to run the dropper minigame, we recommend using a multiplayer Minecraft server to play this gamemode. Check out the Minecraft server, which includes the dropper minigame. Simply join the server, then head over to the arcade, which has a dropper gamemode.

Selecting the Minecraft dropper in Minecraft
For specific tips and more information on where and how to play the dropper in Minecraft, check out our Minecraft dropper article here.

With these five Minigames for Minecraft, you will no longer be bored! Whether you are a skilled combative PvP master or enjoy laid-back, slow-paced minigames, there is something for everyone out there. To further enhance your experience while playing any of these games, check out the badlion client, which contains over 70 Minecraft mods to explore.
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