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Improve your Minecraft FPSArticle posted on February 28, 2023 - 10:00 PM
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Minecraft has been around for more than two decades now and has been receiving more content with every major update and even in between the major updates. While Minecraft 1.8.9 can be run by most of the computers that are currently being used on a daily basis, running newer versions, such as the soon to be released Minecraft version 1.20, can oppose a challenge to users with lower-end systems. This article will show you how you can improve your Minecraft FPS in just a few clicks without having to pay a cent! Keep reading to find out more.

Optifine Minecraft mod

The Optifine Minecraft mod was initially intended to be solely a performance booster to improve your Minecraft FPS, however, nowadays, it also features Minecraft Shaders to make your world look absolutely stunning. It is completely free and available for the most popular Minecraft versions. However, you have to keep in mind that it may take a while to get upgraded to the latest released Minecraft version. So when 1.20 releases, you will most likely have to wait just a little longer before you can use all the functionalities that Optifine offers.

Badlion Client

Minecraft Clients come with various mods pre-installed and also often aim at improving your Minecraft FPS without having any impact on your gameplay experience. Badlion Client, as well as its recently released Lite version, features over 100 Minecraft mods for you to choose from, alongside a handful of Minecraft FPS improvement possibilities for you to choose from. To download the Badlion Client and enjoy all of its benefits, you will only have to follow a few steps.

1. Head to and download the latest version of the Badlion Client for your Operating System.

Downloading the Badlion Client

2. Open the Badlion Client Launcher and select the Minecraft version that you would like to play on. In the launcher, you will also be able to enable Optifine. However, keep in mind that this requires Optifine to be available for that Minecraft version. If there is a Optifine version available for the version of Minecraft that you would like to play on, it will automatically download it for you so that you can use all of its functionalities without having to compromise on anything.

Selecting Minecraft Version on Badlion Client

Optimizing the Graphics settings

Now that you know about the Badlion Client, as well as Optifine, let us take a look into optimizing your Minecraft graphics settings to improve your Minecraft FPS. Depending on the specifications of your system, you will have to tweak the settings. However, we generally recommend lowering your video settings to the lowest quality possible to have the most impact on your performance. To do this, open the Minecraft settings, press the "ESC" key first, and then go into the "MC Options" section. Here you will be able to find a subcategory that is called "Video Settings." To achieve the best possible performance, we recommend the following settings:

Minecraft Video Settings

You have probably also noticed that there are subcategories, such as "Shaders," "Details," or "Animations," these subcategories allow you to further tweak your Video Settings.

If you want to get the most FPS out of your system, then we do not recommend enabling any shaders as they tend to drastically decrease your Minecraft performance. Head into the "Details" section to optimize your settings further. We recommend the following settings for the best performance:

Minecraft Details

Animations and Effects in the "Animations" category can also be turned off entirely to optimize your Minecraft FPS further. You can also switch the "Particles" option to "Minimal" which will reduce the amount of particles and effects without removing them entirely and can be a good compromise to completely disabling them.

Minecraft Animations Category

Now, let us take a look at the "Quality" section. This is what the best settings look like:

Minecraft Quality Category

And last but not least, the "Performance Settings" section:

Minecraft Performance settings

The "Other" section does not include many settings that are beneficial. However, you can also turn off the weather in that section to improve Minecraft FPS further. If you are not using OptiFine, or if OptiFine is not available for the Minecraft version that you are playing on, then this is what your "Video Settings" will look like:

Minecraft Video Settings without Optifine

You will not be able to adjust the settings in some of the sub-categories, such as the "Quality" and the "Shaders" one.

Badlion Client Betterframes

Some of the settings that we previously mentioned may have an impact on your Minecraft experience. But what if you do not want to compromise on anything and still get Minecraft FPS without having to pay anything? In that case the Betterframes settings are perfect for you!

Open the Badlion Client Options by pressing the "BLC Options" button either when pressing "ESC" or when in the title screen, then open the "Betterframes" section. Here you will be greeted with numerous possibilities to enhance your Minecraft FPS. You can turn on the built-in and handmade "FPS Boost" option, enable "World Optimization," enable "GPU Fencing," and much more. Badlion Client and Badlion Client Lite also feature a "Visuals" section in the Betterframes settings. However, keep in mind that these will have an impact on your experience as they hide some blocks and entities. You can, for example, hide tall grass, hide flowers, skulls, and many more. So if you do not mind this, then you can also turn on these settings. These are the optimal settings for the best Minecraft FPS at the moment:

Badlion Client Betterframes

You can also scroll further down and adjust the render distance to improve your Minecraft FPS further. As the name suggests, this will reduce the render distance and hence have an impact on your experience, so only use it if you are alright with having an impact on your gameplay experience.

All of these screenshots were taken from the recently released Badlion Client Lite version that aims at improving your experience while also offering you a smoother experience with improved FPS. If you want to achieve the best performance and want to know more about the Badlion Client Lite version, then make sure to check out one of our recent articles.

Reducing impact on your system

Sometimes you may have software running in the background that you are not actively using. If that is the case, then make sure to open the Task Manager, either by pressing the three keys "Ctrl", "Shift" and "Escape" simultaneously, or by pressing the windows key and then searching for the "Task Manager".

If you are not using a Windows machine but a MacOS device instead, then press the three keys "Option," "Command," and "Esc." This will open the Force Quit Applications window where you will be able to close all currently running software.

If you have a CPU that has integrated graphics, then make sure that the Graphics Card is being used instead of the CPU, as you would be otherwise losing out on FPS. To do this, open the "Graphics Settings" in the "System Settings," press "Desktop App," select the Badlion Client application or your default installation of Minecraft if you are not using the Badlion Client, and then select your preferred GPU in the options.

This is how it would look like on Windows 11:

Windows 11 Minecraft Graphics Preference

Especially if you are using a laptop instead of a computer, then make sure to adjust your "Power Options". Head into the "Control Panel", then head to "Hardware and Sound", then "Power Options". Here you will be able to edit the Plan settings. Select the "Ultimate Performance" one for the best performance. Keep in mind that this would cause your battery to drain much faster in some cases.

Windows 11 Minecraft Power Options

Updating your Graphics Drivers

If you have a dedicated Graphics card, then make sure to update your GPU drivers if they are not up to date yet. For this, you will have to determine whether you have a NVIDIA, an AMD, or an Intel GPU. Once you have found out what GPU you have, make sure to download the according software, for example, GeForce Experience for NVIDIA, or the Auto-Detect tool for AMD Radeon Graphics drivers, and then update your drivers through the software.

Boost your Minecraft FPS

These few tips should improve your Minecraft FPS significantly. However, you will have to find the perfect balance between losing out on features and gaining performance. Choose what you believe to be the best for your Minecraft experience.
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