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A Guide to the Composter in MinecraftArticle posted on July 12, 2023 - 10:00 AM
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If you have ever been running low on bone meal, then you should definitely get yourself a couple composters. They allow you to compost certain food and plant items into bone meal. This way, you will not have to haunt any skeletons at night or build a mob farm.

In this article, we will showcase the composter block in Minecraft. Keep reading to find out how you can craft a composter along with how to use it, and what items you can use to get bone meal.

Composter Recipe in Minecraft

To craft a composter, you will first need a crafting table, which you can craft from four wooden planks of any wood type. To craft the composter itself, you will need seven wooden slabs. Place them in an “U” shape so that the top row misses one wooden slab in the center of it. This is what it should look like:

Image of the Composter Recipe in Minecraft
You can also find composters in Minecraft villages. If you have one nearby, you might not even have to craft one.

If you cannot remember crafting recipes easily, we recommend getting the “Too Many Items” Minecraft Mod. It allows you to view all the crafting recipes in-game right away.

And if you are not experienced with Minecraft Mods, we recommend getting Badlion Client, as it comes with that mod pre-installed and more than 100 other Minecraft Mods for you to choose from. You can download Badlion Client from here.

Just Enough Items Minecraft Recipe for the Composter in Badlion Client

How to use a Composter in Minecraft

Now that you know how to craft a composter, let us take a look at how you can use it. All you have to do to start using the composter is place it down wherever you would like to. Then, hold a compostable item in your hand and right-click the composter. You can even use the new torchflowers, torchflower seeds, and pink petals from the 1.20 update. Keep in mind that you will have to fill up seven layers of the composter to get to composting.

Filling up a Composter in Minecraft
If you want a full list of all the items you can use, we can recommend this Minecraft composter wiki page. (https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Composter)

Composting certain items will then give you a bone meal. But you can also use the composters for other reasons. If you want to build an automatic farm with villagers, you will need a villager with the farmer profession. You can give villagers other professions by placing down a job site block near them.

The composter will change their profession to farmer. You can then trade with them or use them for an automatic farm. You can also put hoppers below the composters to automatically pull the bone meal from them and add one on top to automatically refill them. This way, you can fully automate bone meal.

Image of a Villager in Minecraft with a Farmer profession time standing in front of a composter
And you can, of course, also use the composter for redstone creations. You can use it as a power source for the redstone comparator in Minecraft. The comparator will then output a redstone signal strength up to 8, depending on how full the composter is.
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