The Best Minecraft Mods for Survival

Find the Best Minecraft Survival Mods
The Best Minecraft Survival ModsArticle posted on January 15, 2023 - 03:00 PM
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Minecraft is among the most played video games of all time. It allows you to let your creativity run free. Build Minecraft houses, Minecraft castles, or even entire Minecraft cities. You can explore your Minecraft survival world alone or explore your Minecraft survival world together with your friends.

The Minecraft Realms service makes hosting servers as easy as a few clicks and allows your friends to jump right into the action in no time. Minecraft Mods allow you to customize your Minecraft survival experience, make it truly unique, and adapt it to your play style. Keep reading to find out about all the Minecraft vanilla survival mods you may have been missing out on and how to install them!

How to Install Minecraft Mods

Instead of having to browse the internet on how to download Minecraft mods, you can download the Badlion Client Minecraft Mod Pack today and play on the latest Minecraft versions right-away with more than 100 Minecraft Survival Mods downloaded for you! This way, you do not have to download mods manually anymore.

All of these Minecraft Mods are free and make your survival Minecraft experience even better! Installing Mods could not be easier.

Downloading the Badlion Client

Block Info Modification

Block Info displays information on the block that you are currently looking at and is also known as "What am I looking at?" and "WAILA". You can adjust the information that is displayed, the position where the overlay is located at and much more using the Badlion Client.

Block Info Minecraft mod

Coordinates Overlay

The Coordinates Minecraft modification displays both your coordinates as well as the biome you are currently in. You would usually have to open the F3 menu, which harms your Minecraft FPS and takes up a lot of space on your screen.

Coordinates Minecraft mod
It displays your coordinates, the biome you are currently in, as well as the direction you are looking at.

The next time your friend loses you while once again mistaking Glow Lichen for Diamonds, you will be able to tell him your coordinates right away. Perhaps you will end up searching for a certain Minecraft biome and with the help of this modification, you will always know what biome you are in when travelling your world with an elytra.

You can change the background, add a border, change the text color, adjust the information that is displayed, and much more! Open the settings menu by pressing the mod icon in the Badlion Client Mod Menu.

Direction Display

The "Coordinates" Minecraft mod already shows you the direction you are facing, but what about disabling that option and instead going for a compass? If that piques your interest, then keep on reading, as we have just the right Minecraft mod for you to add the cherry on the cake.

Direction Minecraft mod
There are five different display modes for you to choose from:

  • Compass
  • Simple
  • Classic
  • Fancy Compass (can be seen in the image above)
  • Real Compass

This is definitely one of the mods for Minecraft you should consider if you want to know the direction but do not want the display to take up too much space.

Minimap in Minecraft

If you ever wanted to know what biomes surround you, or have a top-down view of the city you built, then you should consider a Minimap. As the name suggests, the Minimap Minecraft mod displays a minimap of the world around you.

Minimap Minecraft mod
You can enable custom biome colors, lock the rotation, change the color of the text, as well as choose what information you would like to have displayed. The "Coordinates" mod that we showcased earlier is the go-to if you do not like the minimap. In that case, you can still benefit from the Badlion Client Minimap Minecraft mod. All you have to do is head into the settings and assign a keybind to the "Full Map".

Minimap Full Map
Pressing the keybind you have assigned brings up this map. It will show you, your current coordinates, and let you choose between the overworld, the nether, as well as the end. You can combine this with the "Coordinates" Minecraft mod, as well as the "Direction" Minecraft mod that we both covered earlier.

You can of course also use the regular minimap and stay away from the "Coordinates" Minecraft mod. This is your Minecraft survival experience and you are the one to give it its uniqueness. Enable the mods that you enjoy the most or even combine them and disable a few details in one or another Minecraft mod. The Badlion Client gives you all the freedom you need to create the best Minecraft survival experience for you.

Survival Mod

The Badlion Client-exclusive Minecraft survival mod offers various quality-of-life enhancements for your Minecraft survival experience. You can lock certain items in your inventory so that you do not drop them, prevent tools from breaking, highlight shulker projectiles, prevent yourself from accidentally stripping that oak log again and so many more things! Did we already mention that you can display the inventory of a shulker box by hovering over it without even having to place it?

Survival Mod

Time to start playing your Minecraft world!

These were just a few of the free Minecraft Mods for Java the Badlion Client has to offer to make your Minecraft survival experience truly unique! The Badlion Client is completely free and offers more than 100 of the best Minecraft mods for you to have a better Minecraft experience.

And did we mention the numerous performance improvements that we continuously work on so that you can kill that creeper without experiencing any of the annoying lag spikes? Download the Badlion Client today for free and check it out for yourself!
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