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Minecraft Smite vs Sharpness

Article posted on July 18, 2024 - 02:50 PM
There has been a dilemma in Minecraft since the addition of item enchants to the game, players have been wondering which Minecraft enchantment is better for your sword, Minecraft Smite or Sharpness? In this guide, we will solve the long lasting dilemma about these enchantments.Read More

Minecraft Cobblestone Generators

Article posted on July 15, 2024 - 05:00 PM
Because of the many uses cobblestone has in Minecraft, cobblestone generators can be one of the most useful tools in Minecraft survival. Imagine being able to effortlessly mine an infinite amount of cobblestone, all without having to go underground! In this article, we will teach you how to achieve just that, showing you three different types of cobblestone generators.Read More

Everything about the Minecraft Anvil

Article posted on June 28, 2024 - 08:00 PM
The Minecraft Anvil was introduced to us in the 1.4.2 Minecraft update. Dinnerbone, then Lead Engineer on Minecraft tweeted the first images of the Minecraft Anvil interface on the 7th of October 2012 then it was fully released later in the same month.Read More

Best Trident Enchantments

Article posted on June 26, 2024 - 06:00 PM
The Trident in Minecraft is the only weapon that can deal both melee and ranged damage. You can throw it and damage other players, animals, or mobs but you can also hold it and use it like a sword. Though, the trident is not great for combat. It does less damage than a sword and a bow and should not be used for combat as you will always be better off with a sword, a bow, or an axe.Read More

What do Pigs eat in Minecraft?

Article posted on June 24, 2024 - 10:30 AM
The Minecraft Pig is the game’s oldest passive mob. Pigs were added to Minecraft on September 1st 2009 in the 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST version. Ever since their addition Minecraft Pigs are one of the favorite passive mobs amongst players. A lot has changed since the day when Minecraft Pigs were added, from terrain changes, mob additions, mechanic updates and many other things.Read More

A guide to Minecraft Gold

Article posted on June 21, 2024 - 05:15 PM
Minecraft Gold should not be your go-to material when it comes to crafting items like tools and armor, even though they are not the best they do have some benefits which we will cover later in this guide. Gold in Minecraft is one of the oldest Minecraft ores in the game and it has its own unique uses.Read More

How to make a Villager Breeder in Minecraft

Article posted on June 10, 2024 - 03:00 PM
The Minecraft Villager is one of the more useful mobs in the game. Villager trading in Minecraft has become popular in the latest versions of the game, you can get various goods from Emeralds to enchanted books and many more exciting items! That is why you may consider building a villager breeder.Read More

Minecraft Voice Chat Mod

Article posted on June 5, 2024 - 05:00 PM
Imagine being able to communicate with any player in Minecraft using a voice chat system. You could easily coordinate defeating the Ender Dragon with your survival partner. Or, perhaps, you want to launch a full-scale invasion in the popular Minecraft bedwars gamemode. Anything can become a reality with a voice chat mod instantly linking you to other players.Read More

What do Llamas Eat in Minecraft

Article posted on June 4, 2024 - 01:00 PM
The Minecraft Llama was introduced in the 1.11 The Exploration Update. Even before its addition the Llama was a fan favorite, it is one of the first mobs that got added through online polls. Jeb, one of the Minecraft Designers made a Twitter poll where he asked Minecraft fans to choose between Llamas and Alpacas.Read More

Minecraft Chat

Article posted on May 27, 2024 - 08:00 AM
The Minecraft game chat is one of the game's most fundamental features. It allows players to interact with the game using Minecraft commands and chat with each other in multiplayer worlds. Chances are, every time you log into Minecraft, you somehow interact with the chat menu. In this article, we will show you the most common ways to use the chat menu in Minecraft.Read More
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