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Everything you should know about the Warden in Minecraft
Everything you need to know about the WardenArticle posted on August 25, 2023 - 03:00 PM
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Minecraft 1.19 added new blocks to the game and new mobs like frogs or the warden. The warden is considered to be among the most powerful mobs in the game, alongside the ender dragon and the wither.

It is extremely hard to kill as you are not intended to kill it. Instead, you are supposed to watch your steps and explore ancient cities carefully. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the warden.

Where can you find the Warden?

Unlike the ender dragon, you will not have to go to a different dimension for the warden. You do not even have to collect anything special like you do for the wither.

Minecraft Ancient City in Deep Dark Biome
You can find the warden in the overworld as it can spawn inside of ancient cities, which are deep underground. Ancient cities are most likely to be generated between two mountains or beneath the peak of either mountain. If you want to find out more about ancient cities themselves, we can recommend this article.

It covers the perfect equipment for raiding them, to protect you from the warden, and anything else that is useful to know. It is a short read, so we recommend giving it a look after you have learned the most useful stuff about the warden itself.

How does the Warden fight?

The warden cannot see you but instead knows where you are because of the sounds you make. If you walk on wool, a warden will not be able to tell your location. You can also sneak to avoid causing any unintentional sounds.

However, beware not to come too close to the warden. Even though the warden is blind, it can smell you if you are nearby. If you are close enough to the warden, it will hit you and deal a lot of damage. If you do not have proper equipment, you may end up dying faster than you can turn around and run away.

Minecraft Warden
The warden can also deal damage if you are further away. He can damage you with a so-called “sonic boom”, which is visible via blue-green particles and comes out of the chest of a warden. This attack deals a lot of damage, and since it is a long-range attack, you will not be able to easily escape either.

When does the Warden spawn?

As you read, you will have a hard time escaping the warden without the proper equipment. Instead of trying to run away or fight the warden, you can also try your best to not summon it. The warden does not wander around ancient cities right away. You will have to make enough noise first for it to spawn.

To spawn a warden, you will have to activate a sculk shrieker four times. To activate a sculk shrieker, you will have to move around or interact with blocks and generate vibration. This vibration is then picked up by a different block called the sculk sensor. The sensor will then send a signal to the shrieker and activate it.

Minecraft Sculk Shrieker and Sculk Sensor
If you walk on wool, you will not generate any vibration. You can also sneak through the ancient city to avoid spawning the warden. If a warden spawns, you will get the blindness effect, and nearby light sources will flicker and dim.

What does the warden drop and is it worth killing?

The warden is not intended to be killed. This also means that there is no useful loot that the warden will drop. Instead, the warden will only drop experience orbs and a sculk catalyst.

The catalyst can be placed anywhere in the world and will cause sculk to spread if any experience points are dropped near it. One way would be to kill mobs near it.

Minecraft Sculk Catalyst
Instead of killing the warden, you can, for example, use eggs or snowballs to lure the warden toward a different direction and escape from it. If you try running, it will pick up the vibrations and follow you unless you are running on wool blocks. So instead, do not panic. Stay calm and lure the warden away from you.

If you have an elytra with you, then you can escape the warden much easier with a few firework rockets. You will be faster than the warden detecting you and dealing damage. However, keep in mind that using fireworks will also cause vibrations that the sensors will pick up, which may cause more wardens to spawn.

Are there any other tips and tricks that you should know?

Yes, there definitely are. If you want to explore an ancient city, we can recommend the fullbright Minecraft Mod. This will allow you to see the whole ancient city without having to use any night vision potions.

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